New Linq Adapter Brackets New Linq Adapter Brackets
We’ve been carrying the LinQ cargo bags and fuel caddie’s on sleds of all brands, thanks to the innovative adapter brackets from Up North... New Linq Adapter Brackets

We’ve been carrying the LinQ cargo bags and fuel caddie’s on sleds of all brands, thanks to the innovative adapter brackets from Up North Technologies. Since Ski-Doo sleds have a wider tunnel width (to accommodate the 16” wide track option) the spacing required to mount LinQ accessories is wider than the tunnel width on Polaris, Arctic Cat and Yamaha models. You can’t get the mounting holes far enough apart! This is what we have to mount an adapter bracket to sleds other than a Ski-Doo. The LinQ cargo bags and fuel cans are the quickest, easiest and most secure, making them very desirable to use on all brands of snowmobiles.

Since their introduction, the product continues to evolve and become even easier to use. The dual-position LMP-2 model has been redesigned from the original version released early last fall at Hayday’s. There are now actually two distinct dual-position adapter models – the LMP-2 (Arctic Cat and Yamaha applications) and the LMP-2-T (Polaris T-slot applications). The design of the original LMP-2 was modified to provide improved fitment and compatibility with the 2017 Sidewinder, SRViper, and Cat 137” sleds. The “H” shape of the redesigned LMP-2 allows you to position the bracket further rearward on the tunnel in Cat and Yamaha applications, essentially letting the bracket “wrap” around the taillight assembly. This provides the required space so that the forward-most LINQ accessory has sufficient clearance to the rear portion of the seat.

The extruded tubes that act as the “legs” of the LMP-2 have also been specifically machined to properly clear various features near the rear of the tunnel on the Cats and Yamaha sleds (like rivet heads, multi-layered sheet metal, etc.). It really has become a custom-fit product for those sleds.

The LMP-2-T (Polaris applications) also now has the new “H” shape, but retains the same overall length as the original LMP-2 from early last fall. Technically, the LMP-2-T could also be used on longer-tracked Cats and Yamaha sleds as well as Polaris models.

Linq adapter brackets

The popular LMP-1 version (single LinQ adapter) has also been newly redesigned to create a more compact bracket that would have compatibility with the Sidewinder, SRViper, and Cat 129’s. This was a customer-driven redesign project, as many 129 owners wanted LINQ compatibility but also wanted to retain the stock storage bag. The new LMP-1 provides for that. It is now a 3-piece design, using extruded tubes as “legs” similar to the new LMP-2. It is only 8” in the front-to-rear dimension, versus 12-1/2” on the original LMP-1. Besides providing for a perfect fit on the 129’s, the new LMP-1 is also much more universal in application, as any sled with enough real estate on the tunnel can utilize it (even older models).

With several LinQ Adapter Brackets to choose from, if you want to carry the handy LinQ accessories on your sled, regardless of brand, you can mount up a single or a double adapter plate to your sled in minutes. Polaris models allow you to use the T-slots in the tunnel for the quickest and easiest of mounting. Arctic Cat and Yamaha models do require drilling holes through the top of the tunnel, but it is straight-forward to do so making the job quick and easy. Note, the black LinQ brackets come with each LinQ accessory item (cargo bag, fuel caddy) so they are not included with the Adapter Brackets but they are required for installation.

We like to mount the black LinQ brackets to the adapter plate, and then attach the gear bag and fuel caddy and place it all on the tunnel to determine our exact mounting location. That said, very detailed installation instructions come with each adapter bracket, including all hardware for installation. The design and construction of these products is first-class, for years of durable service. Contact Up North Technologies at 612-251-6212 or visit

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