One Gallon LinQ Fuel Caddy One Gallon LinQ Fuel Caddy
We’ve all been using the three gallon LinQ Fuel Caddy for so long now that it is “the” industry standard when it comes to... One Gallon LinQ Fuel Caddy

We’ve all been using the three gallon LinQ Fuel Caddy for so long now that it is “the” industry standard when it comes to carrying extra fuel on a snowmobile. Never before have we had such a superior system for carrying fuel, positively secured to the sled and without any leaking or spilling. The stylish design tucks down under the back of the seat, helping to center and lower the added mass of the fuel.

Added mass. How much? Figure about eight pounds per gallon, so carrying a full Fuel Caddy amounts to a 24-pound payload. It is significant, so you don’t want to always be lugging that extra load around if you don’t have to. You can notice the added weight as you will often times need to increase the sled’s rear spring preload to compensate and maintain the desired ride height, or sled sag.

So when Ski-Doo came out with their new 4-gallon Fuel Caddy a couple years ago, we thought more of a good thing must be better. Sometimes, but not always. Yes, we now had even greater range with yet another gallon of fuel and we had the ability to mount select LinQ cargo bags on top of the 4-gallon caddy, increasing the versatility and giving owners of short track sleds the ability to carry both fuel and cargo in the single sets of LinQ mounts on the short-track tunnel.

But, the fourth gallon added another eight pounds, so we’re up to a whopping total of 32 pounds of weight on the back of your sled. After several years of using both he three gallon and four gallon tanks, we will only use the 4-gallon if we positively have to. We just don’t like that much weight back there. 24 pounds is really pushing it, depends on the snow conditions, or how remote of an area we will be riding in. We just didn’t like the 4-gallon tank for our everyday back-up.

Then for 2019 Ski-Doo introduced a one-gallon oil caddy, black in color. It could be mounted by itself or on top of the 4-gallon fuel caddy. We looked it and asked the Ski-Doo accessory guy if we could carry fuel in it instead? He looked at us kind of like, why would you want to do that when we offer 3 & 4-gallon fuel caddies already?

One Gallon Linq Fuel Caddy

Simple. Some guys might like to only have the added weight of a single gallon of gas back there, especially mountain riders. They don’t like the 24 pounds. There will be days that having that one extra gallon gives you just enough margin.

But the other angle of course was the fact you could now carry five gallons of extra fuel – if needed. Very unlikely any trail rider would do this daily or on a consistent basis, but there are many adventure riders that would find this added range and capability to be a blessing.

So for 2020, Ski-Doo has now come out with a red version of their one-gallon caddy, this one now being an official and legal Fuel Caddy. Now you can carry one, three, four or five extra gallons of fuel for just one day, every day, or whatever you need each day.

The new one-gallon red LinQ Fuel Caddy can be used in the forward (#1) or next back (#2) LinQ position on the tunnel. It is #860201775 and retails for $119.99.

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