It has been a while, a few years actually, since we’ve seen a new model of the popular TekVest upper body protection. TekRider is...

It has been a while, a few years actually, since we’ve seen a new model of the popular TekVest upper body protection. TekRider is now in their 18th season and have just released their latest version, the OutBack TekVest.
If you wear a helmet while snowmobiling, you should also be wearing a TekVest. Not a racer, you say? Doesn’t matter. Trip and fall on a ski tip and break a rib and you will understand why you need one. For the exact same reason you wear a helmet to protect your head, a TekVest protects your rib cage and upper body from impact injury. The shell of the TekVest spreads out the impact energy and is proven, over and over, to greatly reduce injury after injury. Members of the SnowTech test staff can vouch for this again and again. Hitting the ground or a tree is never done on purpose, but when it happens you want to be wearing a TekVest. Accidents happen, and this will help you survive.
The all new OutBack TekVest is targeted at the mountain and backcountry rider who needs to carry a lot of gear when they ride. This new model incorporates the legendary TekVest comfort, protection and performance yet integrates perfectly with your existing back pack or avalanche system. This model also flows more air than any TekVest currently available. A large air flow gap has been created under the backpack zone in the rear for even better ventilation. The modular design will enable the rider to personalise it to their own needs.


OutBack TekVest
Base Model – $489
The OutBack TekVest is designed to be worn over your jacket and under your existing backpack. It includes shoulder, front & side armor coverage and works with your current avalanche pack and your current back pack. It features a 360-degree Quick-Release Waist Belt, along with a standard drink hose for a water bladder, standard D-Ring for a tether cord and an emergency whistle. It is compatible with most every neck brace, and has more ventilation than previous models as the rear armor panel has been removed to increase airflow (your back pack will cover this armor gap). The optional shoulder pads (shown here) sell for $79.

Optional Mountain
Pack – $139
The optional mountain pack provides amazing ride stability with its low profile design that keeps the load from shifting. A waterproof zipper system helps keep everything dry, with 2 compartments (shovel pocket shown) and it accommodates most available shovels & probes. There’s also room for a 70 oz. (2L) bottle. The tools & hydration system are not included.
Adding to the modular capability of the OutBack TekVest you can attach a Center Pouch ($79) and a set of Left and Right Pouches ($79/pair). This adds room for things like an avalanche beacon, radio, cell phone or GPS. Again we find waterproof, hooded pouch zippers. There are 3 separate compartments in center pouch with internal tether cords for your devices, quick-attach clips included.

Integrated Heating
System $199
One new feature for TekRider on the OutBack TekVest is the optional Integrated Heating System. Jointly developed with the creative folks at “The Heat Inside”, FABROC heating panels are integrated into the front and side panels of the Tekvest. A 32” power cord & quick-attach battery harness is included. Of course, this system requires a power source so it only works with sleds fitted with an electric start battery system. Also available is an optional 8-position heat controller.
The new OutBack TekVest gives you many more options and versatility, designed specifically for mountain and backcountry riders who need to carry a lot of gear when they ride. It provides seamless compatibility with your favorite backpack or avalanche pack, and works with neck braces. It is only available directly from TekRider, who is offering FREE shipping for a limited time.
For more information or to order yours contact TekRider at 705-488-2929 or visit

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