Just introduced on select 2015 AXYS models last year, Polaris is now making their innovative Interactive Digital Display available for all other AXYS and...

Just introduced on select 2015 AXYS models last year, Polaris is now making their innovative Interactive Digital Display available for all other AXYS and Pro-Ride models (except 550 fans). The PIDD is a 4.3” color LCD display that is a combination gauge with all of the typical gauge functions (speedo, tach, trip, fuel, temp) but also is a full-function GPS unit with trail map display. It also has Bluetooth integration with your smartphone so you can (if you want to) see incoming calls and texts. The unit is also a full diagnostic center for your sled, tracking your sled’s vitals in real time and alerting you when something needs attention.


SnowTech test riders logged nearly 5,000 miles on the PIDD units last winter and we became very addicted to the features and functionality of the unit. The color display gave us instant access to all of the tracking information, and the GPS showed us where we had been, where the trails were and what the elevation as at all times. Very cool. The map data was pretty impressive, showing us all of the secondary forest roads that we ride, along with some we didn’t even know existed, giving us even more new trails to explore.

We also connected the machine to the Polaris RiderX app for the latest updates, so it truly is like having a computer on your sled performing many functions as you ride. New maps and software updates are downloaded to a flash drive, which is then plugged into the sled and uploaded so you have the latest map information and software in your PIDD at all times.

The PIDD gauge unit itself is part # 2880402 and retails for $799.99. You will also need an install kit, a part#2880493 for AXYS sleds or #2880495 for Pro-Ride sleds, either one is $109.99. If you have an AXYS sled with electric start, that is all you need. If you have a Pro-Ride sled with electric start you will also need an Ultimate Defrost bag #2879090 or Low Pro Defrost Bag #2879789 to mount it, along with a PIDD Bracket #2859531 for it to fit properly.

But, if your sled does not have electric start (or a battery) you will also need to install a battery. We’re not sure if there is a method to do the install with just a battery and not the electric start, but if there is, some smart dealer or consumer will be sure to figure it out. Our 2015 AXYS Switchback 800 had the PIDD and it had a battery but did not have electric start, so it can be done.

As far as we can tell, this should work all the way back to a 2010 RUSH or 2011 Pro-RMK, and then all Pro-Ride and AXYS sleds since then, but having a battery is going to be the key prerequisite. Once you ride with the PIDD for a few miles, you might wonder how you got along all of these years without it. Some of the digits are small and it would be nice if the display was larger, but that will likely come in time.
From the November 2015 issue of SnowTech Magazine. (September, 2015)


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