Volume IV The Unseen Photos The Untold Stories 1967-1972




The New VOLUME 4!
You have asked for it, and Here it is! Volume IV is full of unseen photos and untold stories from the 67-72 race seasons.

This book is already acclaimed to be one of the best of the four collector’s volumes. It has 212 pages, hundreds of great, unseen photos, with 14 classic stories. Including: Chaos at a cross country pit stop. 8 pages of spectacular racing crash scenes. A 16 year old racing the pros at the season’s richest race. 10 separate groupings of unseen racing photos. The lap-by-lap, side-by-side battle of snowmobiling’s greatest race. Oval racing at 42 below zero. Ski-Doo refused to call these two guys their factory team, but they were just the same. The development of one of racing’s most successful sleds – Project Thunderjet. 12 pages of photos of repairing Winnipeg to St. Paul sleds. Wily snowmobilers challenge cocky, confident cowboys to a wild, very short race with money on the line. How Gill Villenueve and his Allouettes ambushed the other factory teams at Beaujesour. What were Bob Eastman and the Polaris Race Team up to just before the start of the 1973 World’s Championship? Plus, much, much more !

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