The Ski-Doo TNT and Renegade Adrenaline models with rMotion rear suspensions are one of the best “out of the box” suspensions offered for groomed...

The Ski-Doo TNT and Renegade Adrenaline models with rMotion rear suspensions are one of the best “out of the box” suspensions offered for groomed trail riders. One of the issues with these models is that since there is no real suspension adjustability like found on the stiffer X-package models, they can be too soft for aggressive riders and/or conditions. For those riders that push the performance envelope a bit, or are on the heavier side, these sleds can be soft and can be bottomed from front to rear.


The front end can bottom hard enough on larger hits that the load can be felt as a jolt to the wrists. The center, or front of the rear suspension, also can bottom and can be felt in the feet and ankles. The rear of the rear is the most forgiving and since it works so very well it can lead to over-driving the front end and the center arm, but can still bottom when hitting sharp holes or larger bumps, especially with heavier riders or in extreme conditions.

The Ride Tech Stage 2 Suspension Upgrade for these sleds improves the overall handling of the sled with more precise steering, anti-bottoming resistance, better tracking in the rough, and still gives a plush ride in the washboard/stutters. This package will make the less expensive TNT and Renegade Adrenaline models better suited to the same conditions a more expensive X-package model would be set up for, but without the external adjustability.

The Ride Tech Stage 2 Kit for these sleds is $449.99. Ride Tech Suspension Stage Kit #2 Plus ($499.99) stiffens up Stage 2 for even more aggressive and/or heavier riders without getting into Stage 3, making it great for those that carry a few more pounds or ride a bit crazy in the big whoops.

Go to and in the Ride Tech section print off the Service Form. Send this completed form in along with your 4 shocks which will then be serviced and revalved. New springs and complete setup recommendations are included in the kit for improved handling and tracking in those rough trail conditions.

For info on this package or other suspension solutions, give them a call at 218-334-3388. Fett Brothers Performance is located in Frazee, Minnesota.

From the September 2014 Issue of SnowTech Magazine (Aug 2014)

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