The September 2012 issue of SnowTech was mailed to subscribers August 17th, 2012, and on the newsstand September 1st. If you don’t have a...

The September 2012 issue of SnowTech was mailed to subscribers August 17th, 2012, and on the newsstand September 1st.
If you don’t have a subscription, or can’t find it on the newsstand? Here is what you will be missing:

Technical Previews on:
Custom Axis shocks for Arctic Cat F & FX models
EarthX Lithium Snowmobile Battery
Klim Radius Goggles
Turbo Kits for Polaris 800 Twins
Arctic Cat Z1 Turbo Mods

Patent Watch:
A Hydraulic CVT snowmobile drive system! (Drawing and details)

Service & Tuning Notes:
Stainless Steel TRA Cotter Pins
Is your CAT clutch SAE or Metric?
The best windshields for your Ski-Doo
How good are Yamaha’s new Dual Runner Skis?
Why you might like Arctic Cat’s new accessory brake lever.
Will the new Ski-Doo tMotion suspension work as a retro-fit?
How to make your sled look brand new with a Retrobution wrap.
Upgrade your old, worn out Ski-Doo skis with a complete kit for only $250
Which engines are designed to shut down automatically after extended idling?

Vintage Rider:
The Jetstar made by Hellstar of Wahoo, Nebraska. There were over 100 different Brands on the market between 1969 and 1970. The Jetstar brought many unique features, styling, and engine choices to a rapidly growing industry.

Tech Shorts:
Which brand features an all new belt drive system (no chaincase) on their mountain sleds?
What’s so special about Yamaha’s Engine Med RX additive?
All about a clever, new, “Linq” Cargo accessory attatchment system.
Gates G-Force CVT drive belts now available locally.
A new product that keeps snow from sticking to running boards.
A radical 2-stroke engine design with opposed pistons and cylinders
Which Cat models now come with 2.86” pitch tracks.
One of the best new products we’ve spotted is a Pro-Ride Defrost Bag. Also a new composite “Pro-Steer Ski” features a reshaped keel and shortened skag for reduced steering effort.
Another very impressive new product is a six ramp clutch for high powered sleds at a reasonable price.

2013 New Model Previews:
Polaris Indy 600 (you really need to ride this sled)
Yamaha RS Venture TF (the do-all luxury utility touring sled)
Ski-Doo MX Z Sport – (The best value in snowmobiling @ $6,990)

The 2013 Crossover Sleds
A brand by brand, head to head comparison and analysis from years of first hand experience plus thousands of miles of riding the new sleds in a wide variety of locations and conditions by the riders at SnowTech. This detailed information could blow away your existing misconceptions and ideas about what is the best sled in these varying conditions. The only, exclusive, first hand inside information available to help you determine which brand and model to buy to match your riding needs. It just might help in keeping you from making a $10,000 to $15,000 buying mistake! A crossover sled is one with a track length from 128” to 144” and lugs under 2”. This is expert reaction to extensive riding experiences as to which were better on the trails, in deep snow, the mountains and which are which.

Sleds covered include:
Arctic Cat (FX Turbo FX LXR, and FX SnoPro)
Yamaha XTX & LTX (Apex XTX, RS Vector LTX, and FX Nytro XTX)
Polaris Switchbacks (Adventure, Pro-R, and Assault)
Ski-Doo (Renegades: REV-XS, X-Package, REV-XP Adrenaline, and Backcountry X.

Which of these sleds stood out as:
Best Off Trail
Best On Trail
Best all around

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