Being a magazine editor, we tend to have plenty of gear given to us for testing and evaluation by both the snowmobile manufacturers and...

Being a magazine editor, we tend to have plenty of gear given to us for testing and evaluation by both the snowmobile manufacturers and the aftermarket companies. The goal, of course, is that we try the products, like them, and then say nice things about them in our magazine.

So when Ski-Doo handed us a set of their latest “Active Base Layer” garments, top and bottom (what we call long underwear) we thought it would be like all of the other long underwear we have bought and used for years. Not this time. This is truly different and really good stuff, so we had to tell you about it.

For starters, it is black with red stitching that makes it look pretty stylish, so you can actually wear it casually as a top shirt. It just plain looks good and fits good, not the old baggy stuff you might be used to. But past it looking good, it is extremely comfortable. When we would wear it out riding, it did an excellent job at helping to regulate your body temperature.

According to Ski-Doo, their Active Base Layer garments are 92% polyester, 6% Spansdex and 2% X-Static. The Poly does well to wick any moisture away from your skin so you stay dry, and the Spandex gives it some form so it fits well and isn’t baggy or saggy. But that little bit of X-Static is wonderful. X-Static is some of that hi-tech trick stuff that helps to regulate your body temperature, conducting heat out in warm conditions and reflecting body heat back in cold weather.


We’re told the fabric has silver woven into it that immediately binds with odor-causing ammonia and denatured proteins to instantly reduce odor, and that it is permanently treated for long-lasting antibacterial performance. Translation; it doesn’t stink like other poly-based long underwear does.

Whatever the explanation is, this stuff is sweet. No wonder Ski-Doo was handing it out to the magazine editors, it is truly impressive and we actually went out and bought more of them. It’s that good. The men’s top (#453554) sells for $59.99 and the men’s bottom (453555) sells for $54.99. The women’s pieces are priced the same, but cut to better fit their curves; #453548 for the top and #453549 for the bottoms.

What we tried was the Active Base Layer aimed at race and mountain applications, and Ski-Doo also offers similar products in two more styles. Slightly thicker is the Thermal Base Layer (no X-Static) for Touring riders, and there’s also the “recreational” Ultralight Base Layer with coconut fiber but no X-Static. Be sure to check them out at your next visit to a Ski-Doo dealer. We haven’t tried the other two styles, but can testify to how happy we are with the Active Base Layer pieces with X-Static.

Originally published in SnowTech Magazine’s October / November 2012 print version. SnowTech is published 5 times a year and is available as a subscription here, or available on your local newsstand.

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