Ski-Doo Renegade Sport Ski-Doo Renegade Sport
Best Value in Snowmobiling! Great winter experiences with friends and family don’t have to cost a lot. Riders looking for a comfortable, confident ride... Ski-Doo Renegade Sport

Best Value in Snowmobiling!

Great winter experiences with friends and family don’t have to cost a lot. Riders looking for a comfortable, confident ride down the trail or off the beaten path need look no further than the new Renegade Sport. With its hard-to-miss sweet spot for riding comfort and capability, the Sport offers riders all the fun at a price that keeps life balanced.

Now available in 2-stroke and 4-stroke versions for 2021, the Renegade Sport is ideal for value minded riders looking for exceptional handling, bump capability and light off trail riding.
Ski-Doo Renegade Sport
2020 Renegade Sport 600 ACE

With addition of the Renegade Sport into the REV Gen4 platform for 2020, riders of these budget-friendly snowmobiles can get all the benefits of the industry’s most advanced platform. The open cockpit concept lets riders choose how aggressive or relaxed the ride should be, and the intuitive handling gives riders incredible precision through any trail terrain. The incredibly responsive nature of the REV Gen4 platform inspires confidence in every rider from beginner to expert and allows them to tackle new terrain as their skill grows.

Ski-Doo Renegade Sport

Designed to be the ultimate handling trail snowmobile, the trail version of the 4th generation REV platform is designed around the rider with a narrow, compact design giving the rider more freedom to move and influence the sled. More centralized masses (especially side-to-side) make the vehicle ultra-responsive to rider input, delivering more fun per ride.

Adding to the stability and confidence of this model is the longer 137” track length and capable SC-5M rear suspension. The added length bridges bumps, enables occasional off-trail rides and offers a great balance of comfort and performance. Traction is via a soft lug Cobra track, adding to the overall capability is a variety of snow conditions from hard packed to fresh and fluffy with plenty of flotation for hopping off into the fresh powder.

Ski-Doo Renegade Sport

With the transition to the REV Gen4 platform the Renegade Sport is now fitted with the latest RAS 3 front suspension. It delivers precise, predictable handling and outstanding bump absorption, even in harsh conditions, with state-of-the-art unequal length A-arm front suspension. Rider favorite Pilot 5.7 skis up front are a dual-keel/single runner design for aggressive bite in corners and virtually no darting.

Helping keep costs down are Ski-Doo’s Motion Control shocks, front and center. These are sealed low-pressure gas cell shocks that are high quality, high value and known for their long-term dependability, reduced up-front cost, reduced maintenance and extended long term consistency. On the rear arm we find a high quality KYB high pressure gas shock in this critical location for excellent bump absorption and more consistent rider comfort.

Adding to the ride comfort is a new Trail Performance Seat, narrow at the front for easier rider movement during aggressive movement and cornering while wider and flat at the back for improved comfort over the long hauls. The easily-added LinQ System 1+1 seat allows the Renegade Sport to carry a passenger quickly and easily. Other key features include a one piece hooked aluminum handlebar and a 4.5-inch digital display LCD gauge cluster with flatter viewing angle for an easy-to-read info center whether standing or sitting.

Rotax 600 EFI from the Renegade Sport
Rotax 600 EFI
Rotax 600 ACE Renegade Sport
Rotax 600 ACE

Now for the real reason why this is one of the industry’s very best snowmobiles offered at ANY price – the legendary Rotax engines. The Renegade Sport comes in your choice of either a 4-stroke 600 ACE or 2-stroke 600 EFI. The 600 ACE is the industry’s fuel economy leader, delivering up to 28 mpg. The in-line EFI four-stroke twin is now up to 62 horsepower in the Gen4 platform (new intake system lets it breathe easier) and delivers ultra-smooth and quiet power delivery. Long term it is an ultra-low maintenance design, and runs perfectly fine on cheaper 87-octane fuel. Includes drive-by-wire intelligent Throttle Control (iTC) with three driving modes (Sport, Standard, ECO) and a throttle block that can be rotated on the handlebars. You can select a throttle mode to best match the skill and experience level of a new or youth rider, making this machine perfectly suited for families or those looking for the latest in technology without breaking the bank.

Rotax 600 ACE Renegade Sport

Features like the multiple driving modes in the 600 ACE allow you to convert to any riding ability or style in seconds. With advanced features like iTC (Intelligent Throttle Control) with selectable driving modes on the 600 ACE, it has a broad appeal to a wide range of riders.

Ski-Doo Renegade Sport

For those looking for lighter weight and more zip, the new Rotax 600 EFI engine offers 2-stroke Sport buyers a modernized powerplant with outstanding economy. It brings a new level of value to the table with slightly more power than the 4-stroke 600 ACE (85 HP vs. 62 HP) while remaining sporty and fun. By utilizing electronic fuel injection rather than carbureted fuel deliver, the sled’s ECU can more accurately deliver the proper fuel and oil mixture to the cylinders. In doing so, BRP engineers improved economy, ease of operation and improved engine starting. It’s all delivered in a lightweight package that’s also easy on the wallet.

Ski-Doo Renegade Sport
600 ACE model with the Gen4 wide design hood and body panels

Also worthy of mention is the 600 ACE utilizes the Gen4 wide design hood and body panels, where the 600 EFI features the Gen4 narrow design hood and body panels. While they look very similar, they are slightly different to best accommodate the different engine technologies inside. The 600 ACE has a slightly more muscular look, where the 600 EFI is sleeker and more athletic in appearance.

Ski-Doo Renegade Sport
600 EFI model with the Gen 4 narrow design hood and body panels

The Ski-Doo Renegade Sport 600 is perhaps the very best trail snowmobile ever offered in the history of snowmobiling, in your choice of 2-stroke or 4-stroke power. And with a retail price of only $8,849 (600 EFI) and $9,649 (600 ACE) it is a sled that most anyone can afford. Offered in Sunburst Yellow and Black for 2021, the 600 ACE is also available in limited quantities as a 2020 model in Charcoal and Black coloration.

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Ski-Doo Renegade Sport

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