Sled GPS Kits for Ski-Doo Sled GPS Kits for Ski-Doo
Here is an affordable package to add a large color GPS screen to the dash of your late-model Ski-Doo. Offered by a company called... Sled GPS Kits for Ski-Doo

Here is an affordable package to add a large color GPS screen to the dash of your late-model Ski-Doo. Offered by a company called Sled GPS, these fully customized kits can also be pre-programmed with trail maps to suit your needs.

The Sled GPS kits utilize a 6” Garmin Nuvi GPS unit, which is a much less expensive and larger screen alternative to the OEM Ski-Doo kits. Ski-Doo utilizes the 5” Garmin Zumo for the Gen 4 sleds and a 4” Garmin Montana for the REV XM & XS models.

Why such a price difference? The Garmin Zumo and Montana units are fully-featured and have incredible screen brightness and contrast, making them easier to view in full sunlight. The Nuvi screen was designed more for viewing inside of a car so it doesn’t have the screen brilliance nor does it have the power consumption, or battery capacity.

Be aware that the Garmin Nuvi is also not rated as “waterproof” from Garmin. However, a bead of silicone is installed between the factory case and the screen to prevent snowmelt from seeping in. Sled GPS has actually tested this setup without silicone for 1,000 miles with no issues. The silicone adds an additional layer of protection. In the event that the Nuvi was to fail, a replacement unit is only $120 and the programmed map card can be swapped over. You could replace the unit several times before reaching the price of the Zumo or Montana units.

Sled GPS also offers water resistant mounting case options to isolate the Garmin from the elements, if your specific application truly requires it. These are trail proven setups with many issue free miles.

You’ll also find the battery life on the Garmin Nuvi is fairly short while exposed to low temperatures. For this reason, each kit comes with the wiring and accessory plug to power the unit anytime the sled is running. The unit must remain plugged in to the provided accessory outlet. The Nuvi is detachable and extremely easy to remove from the mount. We do recommend avoiding use of the Nuvi during rain, just to be safe.

That said, we’ve been using Garmin Nuvi GPS units of our fleet of SnowTech test sleds for a number of years and while they’re not as easy to see in the sun and don’t have all the features like the Zumo or Montana, they do what we need them to do – show us where we are, where the trail or forest roads are at and where they’re going.

Sled GPS kit for Ski-Doo

The Sled GPS kits include everything you need to mount and install this on any Ski-Doo Gen 4 chassis. The Complete Kit comes pre assembled with the Garmin unit mounted on the glove box extension. Kit includes 6” Garmin Nuvi; OEM Ski-Doo glove box extension; OEM Ski-Doo accessory power kit; Garmin Cradle; all power cords and dual USB charging plug (so you can also charge your phone while riding). Install time should only take 30 minutes and only requires a T25 torx driver and a 1/8” drill bit. All electrical connections are plug and play, using OEM Ski-Doo harnesses.

The complete Sled GPS Kit for Ski-Doo Gen 4 models sells for $480.00; the kit for REV XS/XM models sells for $450.00. The complete kit for the REV XP/XR models sells for $405 if you have a battery, $415 if the sled has no battery as the kit then connects to a power connector on the sled. Kits are also offered without the Glove Box Extension if in case you might already have one installed.

To order yours or to learn more contact Sled GPS at 917-268-2121 or visit

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