So, what’s the new Rotax ACE 900 with iTC like to drive? According to SnowTech magazine editor Kevin Beilke, “This sled will change the...

So, what’s the new Rotax ACE 900 with iTC like to drive? According to SnowTech magazine editor Kevin Beilke, “This sled will change the way you think of 4-strokes, and will change the way you think a snowmobile should be. Ski-Doo has just changed the rules, yet again”.

SnowTech magazine editor Kevin Beilke has put more than 3,200 miles on a prototype 2014 Renegade model powered by the new Rotax ACE 900 engine with iTC (intelligent Throttle Control). Below are excerpts from a recent email to Ski-Doo to communicate his impressions of the sled so far:

Favorite sled – whatever it is, is has the rMotion rear suspension.
That is the best, no contest. I thought it was our 800 E-TEC Renegade
X, or maybe the 600 E-TEC MX Z X, but we just got a 2014 prototype
Renegade 900 ACE 4-stroke. This sled is amazing. On paper it says it
has only 90 HP, but on the snow it pulls great with a wide torque band
and it is so smooth, so tractable, so quiet, easy to ride, gets like
20+ MPG, and off trail it will go anywhere. It is the first 4-stroke
that isn’t nose heavy. It just blows my mind at how good it runs, and
is actually a very fast sled up to 80 mph, then it is done. Maybe 90
on hardpack. It pulls hard out of the corners but doesn’t spin the track.
You hear more track noise than the engine, you would swear it is an
electric snowmobile.

Everyone that rides it says it is the Lexus of snowmobiles. It just
plain works. Puts all other 4-strokes to shame. Only the 600 & 800
E-TECs are even close, or a 1200 4-TEC. Or maybe the 600 ACE,
but that just doesn’t have quite enough power. The 900 does. Forget HP,
it is all about the torque. This is usable power, even in two feet of fresh
lake effect snow it goes and goes. No trenching, it just goes. You will not
believe what this sled is capable of.
Best sled we have ever had, if I dare make that claim. I must
be nuts, but it is that impressive. The ride quality from the 2014
rMotion is unmatched, rough trails are a total non-issue. Got the sled
last wednesday, already have 1,600 miles on it. And it burns 87 octane fuel,
that’s 50 cents a gallon less than premium right now. This sled will change the
way you think of 4-strokes, and will change the way you think a snowmobile should be.
Ski-Doo has just changed the rules, yet again.

ace 900

  • Tony Brzezicki

    September 29, 2013 #1 Author

    So this was written in April, by now Polaris, Yamaha and Arctic Cat should be closing their companies and selling off their machinery that is IF what your saying is true. Last time I checked this is not the case. What should those companies do to BRP for this improvement? Why when the shoe was on the other foot and Cat intraduced a new sled that threatened Ski-Doo sales, BRP filed suit. I didn’t see them doing that and now it’s October. Ski-Doo is from then on just a bunch of wining babies and I for one will never buy their products because of that lawsuit. I was looking at the 1200 when they did that too. Sounds to me like your on their payroll.

  • Gary Hodge

    October 23, 2013 #2 Author

    Did Doo solve the problem of snow-ice building up in the suspension that they are having with the ace 600?
    I am interested in one of these but not if it has this same problem as the ace600.

  • Hanna

    January 16, 2014 #3 Author

    Thank you for sharing your thoughts. I truly appreciate your efforts and I
    will be waiting for your further post thanks once again.

  • M Wessels

    March 9, 2014 #4 Author

    I bought the TNT 900 January 25th and have 1600 miles on it. If I worked for a sled mag, maybe I’d have time to do that in a week, lucky Kevin.
    I love the sled as well but to say it’s not nose heavy in deep snow is not the whole story. Typical 4 stroke engine breaking is not as bad as others I’ve ridden but if you let off the throttle in the deep and haven’t prepared, you’ll be laying on the hood. It dives once you let off the gas, or like in my case, thumb slipped off the throttle and over I went. Great windshield survived my overweight superman attempt. On throttle the nose stays up but it turns into a submarine when you let off.
    The thumb warmer broke in a month. I can live without it until the season is over, but that was a cold run (thumb) down the Soo Line when it was -6. Wind protection is good, not AC good, but compared to the other 2 brands it’s very good with stock mid high shield.
    Will any sled company ever provide a decent fuel gauge???? No one cares about the top half of the tank. That’s the only info any company will give you. When I have 3/4 tank doesn’t matter to anyone. We want to know about the bottom 1/4 level!!!! Yes, call me stupid for running this gas mizor out. But in my defense, I had actually only seen the low fuel light once the week before when I put in 7.01 gallons after a fast 125 miles, part of which was playing in the powder. Book says I have a 10.6 gallon tank. Where is the fuel pick up in this thing? So when my fuel light came on yesterday and everyone else headed for gas, I went to save us a table at the bar. We were only 20 miles from home and I supposedly still had 3.6 gallons left. I made it 4 miles when it 1st backfired. Another mile and it popped again. Once more and then it wouldn’t go up a snowbank onto the trail so I turned it off.
    Polaris guy had a new 1.5 gallon tank that clipped onto his tunnel so I got to try it out. Rode 4 hard pack trail miles to next gas and filled it with 6.6 gallons. Math time. 6.6 + 1.5 = no where near 10.6. WTF Ski Doo? I didn’t run it out of gas, the fuel pick up was placed in a faulty location.
    I’d recommend this sled to anyone. I ride pretty fast and that torque is very trail friendly. In normal mode it doesn’t spin much but if you like to power slide, sport mode wakes up the low end. Sport and normal are very similar up top. Normal mode is actually smoother because of the ride by wire throttle. That needs improvement. Do not go off trail in normal mode!! unless you like to get stuck. Sport mode for deep snow. Stutter bumps can confuse the computer as your thumb shakes with the bumps. Takes some getting used to. The computer was wondering what the heck I was asking for a couple times as the stutters transferred though throttle lever.
    Very easy sled to ride, fast or slow. An extra 10HP up top would be nice, but not at the expense of losing any of that wonderful torque. It’s not a race sled but it’ll keep up with racer wannabes on the trails. It’s fun when they look back and see you stuck to the sno-flap of their 800 2 stroke on the trail! More fun yet when you can do that with no oil burnt and half the gas. Gas n go at it’s finest.

  • Frizz

    July 15, 2014 #5 Author

    Tony, So Arctic Cat sued Polaris and Polaris sued Skidoo. That leaves only Yamaha for you.

  • dave

    December 15, 2014 #6 Author

    To M Wessels…..To get 10.6 gallons in the tank, you have to burp it…….when it seems full put all your weight on the rear to compress the suspension…..then you can put quite a bit more in… may already know this , since we’ve had to do this since the rev first came out. ….at least the xp for sure. And I totally agree about the 900 ace…..mountain sleds here we come…….altho at 3500 miles last year I didn’t notice the submarine effect on the renegade….maybe the short track doesn’t have the same geometry/counterweight

  • Freddy

    March 12, 2016 #7 Author

    Yes, the 900 Ace is great,however the brakes have to be the most noisy that I have experienced!At 20 mph it sounds like a bucket of bolts, most annoying, and I’ve been told ( It’s a 4 stroke!) Also, I’ve never seen a fuel gauge so cheap that it never works after filling the sled! BRP should take a few lessons from YAMAHA
    on how to make an accurate fuel gauge!

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