Where do you ride? Trail? Backcountry? Racing? With a track like the new Talon 45 (45mm or 1.74” lug height), it really...

     Where do you ride? Trail? Backcountry? Racing? With a track like the new Talon 45 (45mm or 1.74” lug height), it really doesn’t matter where you are or how you want to ride, this is one track that can pretty much do it all. The Talon 45 series track has all of the features to make it the new standard for true cross country riding. With outstanding traction and control in soft snow, rough terrain, or on the cross country race circuit, the Talon 45 features the next generation lug design that gives amazing acceleration and precision handling.

      The Talon 45 is now available in several lengths and widths. It comes in both 2.52” and 2.86” pitch, in lengths ranging from 120” & 121” out to 154” and everything in between, in both 15” and 16” widths. This is an extremely versatile and capable track across a very wide range of conditions. The most popular one right now is the 137” x 15” x 1.74” for crossover sleds.


      Talon Tracks are manufactured by Composit. Never heard of Composit? They are a fast growing company with a team of sled enthusiasts that are driven by a passion for snowmobiles. They currently have 340 employees, an in-house R&D department, and their own production of rubber compounds. They have been producing snowmobile tracks since 1992, and in 2008 started research and development of tracks for global distribution. In 2014 they opened a U.S. office in Minnesota and are distributing tracks from there for the U.S. and Canadian markets.

      Their focus is to improve a snowmobile’s handling, traction, and overall performance with the best track possible. To reach this goal, they only produce 2 ply tracks that are fully clipped to guarantee durability for aggressive riders. They search the world for the highest quality components using only the best available to meet the demands of today’s high performance snowmobiles.

      Composit now offers a full line of snowmobile tracks for Utility, Trail, Cross Country, and Mountain riders. Each track is designed and tested to perform best for its intended usage and type of riding conditions. They offer tracks for Arctic Cat, Polaris, Ski-doo and Yamaha snowmobiles. Tracks can be purchased from your local dealer or from their online store at www.composit-usa.com, or contact them at 218-334-3811.

From the November 2015 issue of SnowTech Magazine. (September, 2015)


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  • Brady karau

    February 8, 2016 #1 Author

    I have a 2006 ski doo mxzx rev race sled I converted to trail About 4 years old Ran great until this year I have cleaned the carbs exhaust valves changed plugs cleaned Reed vavles had clutches Rebuilt what the sled would Do Is it would Run around 8100 the. Drop To 6000 Then come Up to 8100 then drop to 7500 then 6000 then back up to 8100 had clutches rebuilt and sled runs better and I turned the clickers up but sled now runs 8500 for a longer period the. Drops to 6000 then back up to 8500 I also changed the belts jw what esle to look for

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