AD Boivin is proud to present its new 2007 line-up. Next winter season, the Levis, Quebec-based manufacturer will be offering three different models in...

AD Boivin is proud to present its new 2007 line-up. Next winter season, the Levis, Quebec-based manufacturer will be offering three different models in a simplified model line-up that hopes to cover all customer categories in the market.

2007 Snow Hawk TOP GUN 800 H.O.
Gone are the various versions of the 600 H.O. Snow Hawk, replaced by a more potent TOP GUN 800 H.O. This new machine is truly awesome, boasting an incredible power to weight ratio of only 2.85 pounds per HP! With a light weight of only 400 pounds and a rated 140 HP, the Top Gun 800 H.O. provides incredible acceleration and excitement!

This new scoot also features:

– An improved rear suspension more suitable for trail riding; smoother in small bumps, yet stiffer on rough moguls.

– Ultimate Clutch System: The TRA III combined with the HPV VSA 10 will handle the powerful 800 H.O.

– A new (128” L x 12” W) rear track with a new 2.25” lug pattern and design. More efficient, faster and less noisy.

2007 Hawk JR R120x

AD BOIVIN introduces an all-new intermediary model, the 2007 Hawk Jr R120X! This medium-sized scooter will meet as well the expectations of the beginners and those of the experts, women, as well as men. This new SNOW HAWK weighs less than 100 pounds (seriously) and has a quick-revving 14 HP two-stroke power plant! AD Boivin perfected an innovative and miniature transmission CVT system which allows the vehicle to reach speeds of over 40 MPH.

The fan-cooled “Raket” single cylinder two-stroke spins up to 9,000 RPM to produce its 14 HP, fitted with a tuned pipe, silencer and diaphragm carburetor. Power is transferred through a unique centrifugal drive combined with an AD Boivin CVT drive clutch through the AD Boivin FS secondary. A Camoplast 90” track length is 6” wide, with one-inch lugs. Stopping power is through a mechanical disc brake system.

The seat height is 29”, compared to the taller 31” of the Top Gun and the lower 25” of the smaller 60cc Hawk Jr. Fuel capacity is 5 Litres, or about a gallon and a half.

This vehicle completes the SNOW HAWK family, as many riders will opt for this smaller “fun” machine instead of the sheer and obscene acceleration of the Top Gun 800 H.O. The smaller 60cc Hawk Jr was simply too small for adults to ride, making this new 120cc Hawk a certain hit for the season.

2007 Hawk JR R60

The pint-sized Hawk Jr 60 cc was introduced in 2006 as a recreational motorized snow vehicle for children 8 and up. In 2007 it will come with a new exciting graphic package including an orange ski.

The lower 25” seat height makes it ideal for smaller riders, as does the 5-6 HP fan-cooled 60cc two-stroke engine that spins up to 9,500 RPM. This 90-pound scooter carries about a half gallon of gas, but sips it along the way. Smaller, younger riders never had it this good!

To learn more about the 2007 SnowHawk line-up or to find a dealer near you, visit or contact AD Boivin at 418-838-3783.

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