The Ski-Doo REV brought us “rider-forward”, and the Polaris IQ models gave us “Rider Select”, but is there any way to add adjustability to...

The Ski-Doo REV brought us “rider-forward”, and the Polaris IQ models gave us “Rider Select”, but is there any way to add adjustability to the handlebars on your existing sled? There is.

A unique product called the “Motion Bar Riser System” caught our eyes late last winter. Offered by Monster Works of Stony Plain, Alberta, the Motion Bar Riser System comes as a 6” or 8” bar riser block system that can be adjusted fore and aft, very similar to what the Polaris Rider Select system provides. Instead of five or seven pre-set positions, this system is infinitely adjustable across its entire range.

The unique parallelogram design gives you instant adjustment to match your riding style and conditions, or your personal preference. You decide if you want to be high and forward for aggressive conditions or down and back for a more relaxed position. The 6” riser provides over 6.5” of travel, and the taller 8” riser provides a whopping 9.5” of travel! A locking lever allows you to move the bars and then re-lock them, keeping the orientation of the control blocks consistent.

On sleds with tall riser blocks and straight bars, this system pretty much replaces the existing riser block and bolts right on. On sleds with curved bars that provide most of the rise, you need to install a straight set of bars. Larger (1 1/8”) diameter bars can also be used, as the system is offered with that option as well.

So if you want adjustable handlebars without having to buy a new machine, this is the ticket. We’re told it fits newer sleds like the Yamaha Apex quite well. It fits mountain sleds and trail sleds, and in most cases the rise isn’t enough to cause cable length issues. With most sleds, you use your existing handlebars and controls, just like you’re used to.

Once you bolt this onto your sled and see what it is capable of, it is one of those that makes you wonder why it wasn’t made years ago. The quick and easy capability to move your handlebars forward and back is already proven, and this is a way of doing it to most any and every snowmobile. This trick set-up is CNC machined from T6-6061 aluminum and looks to be of the finest construction and design, selling for $389 CDN (exact U.S. pricing depends on the exchange rate). Contact Monster Works at 780-963-1847 or visit for more information.

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