Cruz Snow Tool Kit

SnowTest September 8, 2004 0
It’s almost comical when we look at the tool kits that come with a brand new sled that costs somewhere between $5,000 and $10,000 these days. The wrenches are cheap, inadequate, and many times yanked out of the sled and forgotten. Experienced riders know the importance of having a... Read more
The highlight of the weekend was the Saturday afternoon revival of the Polaris Thrill Team. In the late-1960s the original Thrill Team performed breathtaking stunts and precision riding at snowmobile races and winter festivals. During the 50th Anniversary Celebration, three riders performed the most famous stunt of all –... Read more
Arctic Cat Inc. recently announced that its board of directors has authorized the company to repurchase up to $20 million in additional shares of its common stock from time to time in open market transactions. This repurchase authorization represents approximately 800,000 shares, or about 4 percent of the company’s... Read more
For a good many years we hunted elk in the Tom Miner Basin, just north of Yellowstone National Park. We bought access through a ranch that covered many sections. The hunting was great until the ranch was sold to a lady from California who didn’t like hunters or hunting.... Read more
Tri-City Polaris Inc. with locations in Centerville, Utah and Springville, Utah, is excited to announce a change in the way they look. In an effort to more closely identify their image with their primary focus (tested and proven performance products for the Polaris products they sell and service) they... Read more

Tow Vehicle Power

"Dear Ralph" November 28, 1999 0
Dear Ralph: It seems that since you know so much about snowmobiles that maybe you can help me with a tow vehicle. Why are the Turbo Diesels so powerful in the mountains pulling trailers? I’m considering buying a Ford Super Duty truck, do you know anything about the “High... Read more

Hemholtz Retro?

"Dear Ralph" November 28, 1999 0
Dear Ralph: I read in SnowTech Magazine that the Cat 500, 600 & 700 will have Hemholtz resonators on them this year. I own a ’98 ZL 500 which is a great sled with the exception of the noise levels. I have tried to get a fix but have... Read more

Fuel Questions

"Dear Ralph" November 28, 1999 0
Dear Ralph: I have a ’99 ZL 600 EFI along with an extended (non-manufacturer) warranty that expires in 2004. Neither the Arctic cat warranty nor the DFS extended warranty cover “pre-ignition” nor “detonation”. My manual says to use a minimum fuel octane rating od 88. My objective is to... Read more
Dear Ralph: I have some problems with my ’98 XCR 440. Last year I used it bone stock, only rejetted to MJ 340. I used R8 helix and silver/blue sec. spring (stock) and S53R weights and almond/gold spring (also stock), drive belt OEM -67. It ran pretty good, more... Read more
Dear Ralph: I have a 1997 Arctic Cat ZR 440 that I am trying to get the clutches set up on. I have just recently installed V-Force reeds and Black Magic twin pipes. My question is, Black Magic says engine should run at 9200 RPMs peak, and to me... Read more