Dear Ralph, I am replying to two letters that were featured in the October/November 97 issue of SnowTech. While you had some good points, I feel that you left out some critical information in your responses. First, in regards to Kyle Ohnstad’s questions about the ’93 750 Storm- Wiseco... Read more
Dear Ralph, I own a 1981 440 Yamaha. My problem is that it takes about 40 pulls to start the thing. It’s not flooding, there is no carbon on the plugs and it seems to have a fair amount of compression. It seems to start better when it is... Read more
Dear Ralph, A friend is turbocharging a ZRT 800 and we might need a bit more fuel from the power jets than what we’re using. What do the numbers on Mikuni jets (main and power) really indicate? Does it have anything to do with hole diameter, flow rate in... Read more
Dear Ralph, I recently ran a compression test on my ’97 Powder Extreme and it read 97 pounds per cylinder. Just as I thought that the motor was junk we tested the neighbors ’97 EXT 600 and his read the same. What gives? Greg Olespad How are you checking... Read more
Dear Ralph, I have a slightly used Vmax 700 SX with 120 studs. This is not enough for the kind of riding that I do, nor is enough for the power output of the sled. The studs are placed in Woody’s standard 120 stud layout and I would like... Read more

Bogging 500 Carb

"Dear Ralph" December 27, 1997 0
Dear Ralph, We seem to be having a problem with our Polaris 500 carbed machine as it bogs down rather often. After he rides for a while it seems to bog down very often. I have had the sled back to the dealer three times now and they’ve been... Read more

Monoblock Pipes?

"Dear Ralph" December 27, 1997 0
Dear Ralph, I am looking into purchasing a set of performance pipes for a ’96 Indy XCR 600 (XLT engine), and I am wondering the main difference between the different types of pipes available. For example, I understand there are both Stockblaster and Modblaster pipes from PSI. What is... Read more
Dear Ralph, I have a ’94 XCR 600 that is pretty much stock except for the ports have been polished and it has a 133.5″ track on it. The problem is that I can run the tach past 10,000 rpm at will on hardpack, at almost any speed. So... Read more

Hot 440 Fan Cooled

"Dear Ralph" December 27, 1997 0
Dear Ralph, I have a 1997 Polaris Sport with a 440 fan cooled engine. What kind of top speed should I be getting out of it? When I ride it the fastest it will go is about 65 mph. I’m a big guy, about 190 pounds, but I think... Read more

Rotax Recoil Retro?

"Dear Ralph" December 27, 1997 0
Dear Ralph, Will the larger diameter recoil used on many of the ’97 Ski-Doos retrofit to a ’96? Jeff Bottom Cheyene, Wy Jeff, Yes, you could do it, but it would be cost prohibitive. From the looks of the newer engines, you would have to replace the entire recoil... Read more