Ideal Clutch Tuning

"Dear Ralph" September 27, 1995 0
Dear Ralph: Much has been made of the multi-angle helix in the driven clutch. I’ve heard and read that it can substantially improve acceleration without hurting backshifting in most models. Snowmobile shows are rife with machinists that have “their own” version of this little item. They all claim that... Read more

Heavy Pipes

"Dear Ralph" September 27, 1995 0
Dear Ralph: Why are the OEM pipes so heavy ? If the aftermarket pipes are so much lighter and provide more horsepower, why can’t the sled manufacturers make their pipes that good right off the bat ? Are there some type of restrictions that limit their ability ? The... Read more
Dear Ralph: What is the difference between “case-reed” induction and “piston-reed” induction ? Are there advantages or disadvantages to either one of the methods ? On a case reed motor the carbs and reed block is mounted down on the crankcase instead of the typical location up on the... Read more

Rebuildable Silencers

"Dear Ralph" September 27, 1995 0
Dear Ralph: My dealer told me that when I buy a set of aftermarket pipes to make sure that they have rebuildable silencers. Why is this an advantage over the non-rebuildable types ? If the silencer has a “fiber-pack” it will burn out after about 2000 miles (or in... Read more
Dear Ralph: With the never ending emphasis on increased performance, why are we still seeing mostly round-slide carbs (Mikuni VM) on the new sleds? Especially since the flat slide TM and TMX carbs can provide an improvement in throttle response, tunability, and power. The flat-slide technology was developed over... Read more