Dear Ralph, I thouight that I had a pretty good understanding of how all the different jets in a carb effect overall carb calibration, but I have yet to figure out how the float bowl level effects overall jetting. I know that it must have an effect, since we... Read more
Dear Ralph, My MXZ 440 likes to dart on hard pack and freshly groomed trails. I have the camber currently set to zero and the toe out to 1/8″. Should the toe out setting be set with the skis on the ground or in the air (when I do... Read more
Dear Ralph I’ve heard that using the NGK type “V” plugs are the best for checking jetting. What about it? When using the “V” plugs, the tip of the electrode is an excellent indicator of the fuel air mix. The tip should have a silver appearance about 1/3 of... Read more

Which HyFax

"Dear Ralph" November 28, 1997 0
Dear Ralph, If I wanted to reduce slide friction in all snow conditions, should I get Teflon or graphite sliders for my sled (1997 MX Z-440 LC)? 1. What’s the difference between Teflon or graphite? 2. Will one last longer than the other? 3. Are they really worth the... Read more
Dear Ralph, I ‘m having trouble setting up the rear suspension on my ’97 ZR 580. The problem I’m having is bottoming when coming off jumps and at the bottom of drop offs and hills. It is fine on small whoops but terrible otherwise. I have tried all preload... Read more
Dear Ralph, I recently picked up my new Yamaha 600 XTC. I was really impressed However, one of the big things advertised about the sled was the “loads of pre-load” on the suspension. The problem is; there is no wrench in the tool kit to accomplish the pre-load adjustments.... Read more

Blowing Head Gaskets

"Dear Ralph" November 28, 1997 0
Dear Ralph, I was reading a “Dear Ralph” question about blowing head gaskets on an XLT. I had the same problem with my 95 XLT 600. The problem is a separation between the cylinder liner and the block casting on the exhaust sides of the mag and pto cylinders.... Read more
Dear Ralph, A few of us noticed that Polaris has upgraded (increased the size) of the crank bearing on the monoblock XLT engine and has added an oiling line to that bearing. One of our group is bummed that his XLT Limited SP doesn’t have the “XC Motor” which... Read more
Dear Ralph, Can any more power be had from the ’97 ZR-440? Is it only a different spread of power that can be had from various pipes, etc. or can we get more power? Jeff Piccolo Plymouth, CT. Snowmobiling – The only winter progression for a bored & battered... Read more

How Much For $500?

"Dear Ralph" November 28, 1997 0
Dear Ralph, I have a stock 1994 Yamaha V-Max 600 and about $500-$600 dollars to spend. What do you recommend for the best performance gains for this kind of money? Brian M. Polka You need to define “performance” before we can make recommendations. Do you want 1000 ft acceleration,... Read more