Dear Ralph: I have a 1997 Arctic Cat ZR 440 that I am trying to get the clutches set up on. I have just recently installed V-Force reeds and Black Magic twin pipes. My question is, Black Magic says engine should run at 9200 RPMs peak, and to me... Read more

Which Pistons?

"Dear Ralph" November 28, 1999 0
Dear Ralph: I would like your thoughts on replacing pistons and which ones to use. I burnt a piston due to a carb freezing or something, it was not a lean set-up. It has been suggested to me to replace both pistons at the same time. The sled is... Read more

Wants Still More

"Dear Ralph" November 28, 1998 0
Dear Ralph, I have a ’97 XC 600 with Starting Line pipes and need to get more performance..What else can I do? I’m looking to run against a 670 MXZ. My clutching is O.K. and I’m running a stock airbox. Can I remove the foam? If I can, what... Read more

Deeper Lug Track?

New Products September 28, 1998 0
Dear Ralph: I would like to replace the original track on my XLT Touring with the 1.25″ deeper lug track such as the one on the Indy 500 RMK. Most of my riding is on the Wisconsin and Minnesota trail systems, but I do make several trips out West... Read more

Getting Wet & Cold

"Dear Ralph" September 28, 1998 0
Dear Ralph: There must be an answer to my problem and hope you can point me in the right direction. I own a 1996 Yamaha V-Max 600. The sled runs super and is a real looker. My problem is after a few miles of riding, the back of my... Read more

Big & Aggressive

"Dear Ralph" September 28, 1998 0
Dear Ralph: I have a ’98 ZL 500 that runs great. It’s fast for a 500, and can really move out of the corners with good weight transfer to the track. I like the suspension, but I have one problem. I weigh about 230 pounds and I’m a fairly... Read more

Getting Old

"Dear Ralph" September 28, 1998 0
Dear Ralph: My question is about horsepower! I am one of many who have been up to the big bores and are heading back down. I came to the realization last season that I am getting old. I’ve run my ’88 650 Wildcat for many years and loved it.... Read more

Jetting Changes ?

"Dear Ralph" September 28, 1998 0
Dear Ralph: I have a 1997 Polaris Indy XC 700. I had the sled clutched before I picked it up. When I ran it against my friend’s Ultra I wasn’t very impressed. Next, I replaced the stock silencer with an aftermarket silencer, still using the stock pipe. Since the... Read more

Nothing New

"Dear Ralph" September 28, 1998 0
Dear Ralph: Last year I purchased a new Yamaha V-Max 600 XTC with the factory installed electric start and reverse. My question concerns the reverse gear. I find that sometimes when I try to engage the reverse gear, it will not go into gear. This is with the engine... Read more


"Dear Ralph" September 28, 1998 0
Dear Ralph: What do you think of using Automatic Transmission Fluid in the chaincase? Art Rodriguez Minneapolis, MN Why would you want to use ATF in the chaincase? I’m assuming you think ATF will provide enough lubrication for the chaincase with much less resistance, which will translate into less... Read more