Dear Ralph: Some of the lugs on my inch and a quarter (high) bar track are starting to tear. Is there any way to fix this ? Can I apply a patch (like on a tire) to the damaged area ? The only possible fix we have heard of... Read more

MX Z Adjustments

"Dear Ralph" December 27, 1996 0
Dear Ralph: I have a ’96 583 MX Z. It rides nice but it is quite tippy in the corners, especially if you have the front springs set heavy. I noticed that the swing arms have two mounting holes for the lower radius rods, the upper being the stock... Read more


"Dear Ralph" December 27, 1996 0
Dear Ralph: My Indy Classic seems to have a problem with the throttle override kicking in at low rpms which causes the engine to backfire. Is there any way to unhook or disconnect this system ? Neil Youngren Neil: Under no circumstances (other than in an emergency to make... Read more
Dear Ralph: I stopped by both of my Ski-Doo dealers to buy a replacement spring for my secondary clutch. As it turns out neither of them stock these items. I was informed that they never go bad so why change them. I have been accustomed to changing my clutch... Read more
Dear Ralph: I have a 1992 Indy 500 and I recently bought a PSI pipe. When I had the stock pipe in the needles were dropped one setting in the carbs to get rid of a nasty hesitation at half throttle. If I leave it where it is now... Read more

Share Your Secrets

"Dear Ralph" December 27, 1996 0
Dear Ralph: Where can I get the specs for trail porting my engine (Rotax 670)? Tom Scheideman Tom: There aren’t really any instructions, books, or sources that will give you exact porting specs for specific engines. One of the best sources of porting information is “Tom Turner’s Two Stroke... Read more

Freeplay Removal

"Dear Ralph" December 27, 1996 0
Dear Ralph: What is the best way to take the play out of my ’93 EXT steering ? My sled has 3000 miles on it and the play has been increasing every year. I was able to get at the pivot bushing on the right side. This appears to... Read more

Roller Clutch Blues

"Dear Ralph" December 27, 1996 0
Dear Ralph: I bought a roller secondary clutch kit last year based on all the good things I’ve been hearing, but I was not happy with the performance when I installed it. It just doesn’t run right, especially at low end. I know I haven’t got the calibration down... Read more
Dear Ralph: Please help me! I have a 92 RXL. The problem is that I can’t trail ride it. Running it hard on the lakes is just fine, but when you are on the trail it starts to “pop”, even when the plugs are new. Everything else is set... Read more

Ideal Clutch Tuning

"Dear Ralph" September 27, 1995 0
Dear Ralph: Much has been made of the multi-angle helix in the driven clutch. I’ve heard and read that it can substantially improve acceleration without hurting backshifting in most models. Snowmobile shows are rife with machinists that have “their own” version of this little item. They all claim that... Read more