Dear Ralph: I really enjoy your column. I have a 2002 Arctic Cat ZL600s/s esr that has a leak at the neck of the...

Dear Ralph:
I really enjoy your column. I have a 2002 Arctic Cat ZL600s/s esr that has a leak at the neck of the gas tank. I can see the crack on the inside of the tank and it is even with the outside top of the tank. Is there a product I could use to fix the crack that would hold up, and where can I get it? Thanks for your help.
Jeff Cervoni
Buffalo NY.

While there is a recall on many of the 2003-2006 Firecats and Saberacts to replace the fuel tank with one that has a stronger filler neck, the 2002 models are not part of the recall as it is a completely different tank mold. The cause of the breakage, however, is likely the same.

When riders fuel their sleds, they insert the fuel filler nozzle into the neck of the tank and tend to let it “hang” there as it is filling. Often, they’re leaning on it as well or applying some extra pressure. This pulls on the opposite side of the filler neck, and can crack it. The weight of the nozzle, hose and liquid fuel adds up. Owners of any brand sled should take note, when filling your sled you shouldn’t let the hose just hang there for this reason.

On some of the 2006 Cats you’ll find an extra white “sleeve” right inside the filler neck. This is primarily to reinforce the neck even further, as well as to keep one from filling the tank to the tip top as easily (to reduce fuel escaping through the venting system, I assume, for emissions purposes).

So, in your case, you’re on your own as the sled is out of warranty and that tank design wasn’t part of the Firecat tank recall. As far as a “patch” repair, you would have to determine the exact type of “plastic” to best determine the appropriate material to use as “glue”. A product like “Seal All” could be tried. It comes in a small yellow tube with red print and is sold at most hardware stores. This is a methyl ethyl ketone based adhesive that everyone needs in their toolbox (this stuff glues Styrofoam and other weird materials, and is sold as a sealer for gasoline applications as well). 3M “Super Strength Adhesive” is a similar product, which is another methyl ethyl ketone based adhesive.

It might be best to just replace the tank, there should be good used ones available as salvage. Try – they have access to used and salvage parts at great prices, or poke around at most any swap meet and you should find one for much less than new.

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