Dear Ralph: I ordered a new Yamaha Apex GT and it comes standard with the Camoplast Rip Saw track. I recall you had extensive...

Dear Ralph:
I ordered a new Yamaha Apex GT and it comes standard with the Camoplast Rip Saw track. I recall you had extensive experience with this new track design, and was wondering about top-end speed with this track. I only ride hard packed groomed trails in Northern Ontario. Compared to a 1” track, is there a significant difference in top end speed? I’m going to stud the track with 96 studs, so would there be any significant difference between a 1” track with 96 studs and the Rip Saw with 96 studs? Any detailed information would be greatly appreciated.
Andy Leblanc
Ontario, Canada

The main factors in top end difference between tracks would be weight, wind resistance and rolling resistance. Back when 1.25” lug height tracks first came out there was more of a top end difference as older design 1.25” tracks had fuller lugs, or more of the lugs actually at 1.25” height. The Rip Saw uses the latest track construction technology so it rolls easily, is super-light and doesn’t have the wind resistance of a full-bar lug pattern of previous 1.25” tracks.

So, with the Rip Saw there should be no significant difference in top end. In fact, the Rip Saw will actually be faster when compared to most any 1” track. About the only 1” tracks that might be a mph or two faster would be a brand new design like the Camoplast Hacksaw, or maybe the 1” conical lug track that has proven to be so very fast on top end. Other 1” tracks are heavier, balloon (stretch) more and consume more power to spin them than the new-technology Rip Saw.

When we add studs to the formula, it could be argued a 1” track allows the use of shorter studs, thus less rotating mass, and this will affect top end. Again, you could also stud a Hacksaw or conical lug track and see a slight difference. If maintaining top speed AND having traction devices is paramount for you, one option would be to install one of the Ice Ripper pre-studded tracks that is a Rip Saw with 256 lug studs installed that is said to only weigh about one pound more than your stock track. I doubt you’d have any trouble finding a buyer for the track you’d be taking out!

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