2018 Polaris – Growing the AXYS Family
We will be the first to admit that we really didn’t know what to expect for 2018 Polaris. They had introduced their new AXYS platform for 2015 on their short-tracked RUSH and Switchback models, followed by the strong following of the AXYS RMK models for 2016, and then filled... Read more
2018 Yamaha
Looking at the snowmobile line-up from Yamaha for 2018, it quickly becomes evident that this is the land of the turbocharger. Their Sidewinder models were so popular for 2017 that they have been expanded out to a total of 18 different versions. Yes, you can choose from 18 different... Read more
2003 BLADE OutLaw
Bad-Ass V-Twin Snowmobile that Never Made it to Production Back fifteen years ago (in 2002), BLADE Snowmobiles (of FAST M-10 fame) was preparing to release their OutLaw™ snowmobile, powered by a torquey, four-stroke, American made V-Twin from S&S CYCLE, Inc. The OutLaw had a rather unique appearance with somewhat... Read more
2018 Arctic Cat M 8000 Sno Pro “Early Release” – FIRST RIDE!
By Dustin Pancheri – SnowTech Western Test Staff 2018 came early for those of us waiting to see what Arctic Cat had coming down the pipe line. In fact, it came just as the 2017 calendar year was getting started but we aren’t complaining….who wants to wait to find... Read more
2017 Polaris RUSH PRO-S:  Sharpest Handling, Quickest Accelerating
With the 2017 model year we had another full season of validation on the Polaris AXYS models. All doubt should now be erased, as these sleds are the real deal. They do work as advertised, and they work very well. About time. For the past couple of years now... Read more
2018 Ski-Doo?  – Pure Speculation
For 2017 Ski-Doo brought us their latest platform, the new GEN 4 REV. This all-new platform of course features the all-new 850 E-TEC engine, designed specifically for this narrower chassis with a focus on mass centralization and agility. So where do they go from here? Ski-Doo said it –... Read more
2017 Ski-Doo Summit 850 E-TEC: Long Term Test
We were lucky enough to spend a significant amount of time on not one, but multiple different Summit 850 E-TEC machines over a 3 month period in early 2016, spanning several different states and even two different countries. Since that time we have additionally been able to spend several... Read more
2018 Yamaha? – Pure Speculation
Coming out with a brand-new turbocharged engine and an incredible number of new Sidewinder models for 2017, one kind of wonders what Yamaha might have up their sleeve for the 2018 model year. We were told several years ago to expect new models each year for many years, so... Read more
2018 Arctic Cat? – Pure Speculation
Another Engine Option for Arctic Cat? In the last issue of SnowTech we had an open discussion as to where the new 800-class 2-stroke engine was from Arctic Cat. This time around let’s consider yet another option that might be part of what is happening in the land of... Read more
Inside the Yamaha Genesis 998 Turbo Engine
Yamaha listened, they designed and then they tested. The new Genesis 998 Turbo engine is a product of their dedication to bringing the most advanced, high performance engines to the snowmobile industry. With more horsepower than any production engine in the history of our performance-obsessed sport, they are confident... Read more