Dear Ralph: I have a 2001 Polaris EDGE X 600 with an ETS quick adjust on it. I bought the sled used, and I...

Dear Ralph:
I have a 2001 Polaris EDGE X 600 with an ETS quick adjust on it. I bought the sled used, and I don’t know what this is and whether it is stock, or an add on. Do you know what it is?
Nathan Larson

The ETS Quick Adjust is an adjustable coupling system that was an add on to that machine, manufactured by the suspension experts at AD Boivin in Quebec. It provides a greater range of adjustability utilizing adjustable coupling points that greatly vary the ride quality of the Polaris XTRA-10 rear suspension. It enables the rider to vary the intensity of the front to rear coupling depending on the type of trail conditions. The aim is to better balance the entire vehicle at three pressure points, the skis, the center swing arm and rear swing arm of the rear suspension. With this installed, adjustability is increased by 60%.
The system provides four adjustments; far forward for smooth trails, far back for the most bumpy trails, and the two middle positions for washboard type trails. The black blocks have four levels of thickness, so as you rotate the blocks (quickly and easily with a plug wrench from the PTO side, ice is a non-issue) you vary the “gap” between the rear torque arm and the block. As you rotate it clockwise, the settings will go from 1 to 2 to 3 to 4 and then back to 1. Very quickly and easily.
We found the system to work best with the ski spring preload set to the minimum, along with the center shock spring. The limiter strap should be as long as possible, and likely the rear torsion springs will be set either to the medium or highest setting.
The ride quality and handling this system provides for trail riding is quite profound. Most XTRA-10 owners never had a chance to experience what the suspension was truly capable of on the trail, as this really is intended for groomed trail performance. You should have a complete set of instructions for the system to better understand its capabilities, visit

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