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"Dear Ralph" March 10, 2006 0
Dear Ralph: You guys are about the only magazine I trust for info. I have a ‘02 XC700 with SLP pipe/can that I recently converted...

Dear Ralph:
You guys are about the only magazine I trust for info. I have a ‘02 XC700 with SLP pipe/can that I recently converted to a 136”.  I want to re-gear it but I’m having a hard time figuring out what gears to run.  People have recommended all kinds of combos 
23/40, 24/42, 24/41.  I want have some snap on the throttle but want to retain some top end for the lake. 
Secondly I thought you once printed an article about putting an Arctic Cat secondary on a Polaris. I was unable to locate any info on that. I would appreciate any help you could provide me with.  
Steve Post

Most savvy speed shops should be able to assist you with the gearing question. Anytime you increase the load to the engine (like installing a longer track or one with much taller lugs) gearing the system down some helps to keep the engine spinning happily. The 2002 XC 700 SP came with 25/40 gearing (1.6) which is fairly tall. For comparison, a 2002 EDGE 700 RMK 136” 1.75 came with 21-41 gearing (1.95) which is fairly typical of mountain sleds. This would likely be a bit low for your application. I’d start by using something like 23/40 (1.73), as this is what Polaris delivered in their 2002 SKS 700 with a 136” x 1.25” track, or 23/39 (1.69). Install lighter flyweights if needed to maintain your target shift RPM of 8250. Realize you will likely need a shorter chain as well, a 74-pitch instead of the 76-pitch in there now. Generally you want to use the shortest chain possible to get rid of as much extra wrap around the tensioner for top efficiency and the least noise.
As for installing an Arctic roller secondary, this was one back before the TEAM roller clutches were available. As with any information you find in old issues, it may have been what was being tried at that time, but things change very rapidly and what was suggested years ago is often obsolete here and now. The TEAM roller secondary is designed to work perfectly on your sled, and TEAM provides excellent data on which helix and springs to use based on your current set-up. The Arctic roller set-up needed some extra machining to work properly (full shift out) so get yourself a TEAM unit and roller away.

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