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"Dear Ralph" September 16, 2004 0
Dear Ralph: I have a 2002 Ski-Doo MX Z 600 Trail and am wondering, should I put a set of twin pipe’s on my...

Dear Ralph:
I have a 2002 Ski-Doo MX Z 600 Trail and am wondering, should I put a set of twin pipe’s on my sled? Also is there something like a big bore kit for my sled, or what else can I do? Thank you for your time.
Leroy A.

It sounds like you want more power from your 600, but you don’t talk about how or where you use your sled. The modifications that one would seriously consider vary greatly depending on what your application is. For racing or hillclimb competitions where full wide open throttle is a common occurrence, a good set of twin pipes would most likely produce the most peak power output, making this a good choice for all-out lake racing and/or full throttle hill climbing. In just about any other environment, the twin pipes would not be better than a single exhaust due to how the powerband is re-shaped. Any form of use where partial throttle operation is prevalent would be better suited to the broader torque output of a single pipe exhaust.
Along those lines, we have experience with single pipe exhausts for Ski-Doos from both Dyno Port and Starting Line Products. In both cases, you can expect a nice weight savings of several pounds, a slightly more authoritive exhaust sound (not loud, but not as docile as the stock system) and a slight (couple horse) power gain.
The 600 twin package on your sled is what’s called a “small block”, as Ski-Doo has made 600 twins out of their small block and large block bottom ends. This engine is already pretty much at the end of the displacement limit for the case volume and crank strength, thus the larger bottom end used on larger displacement engines. Again, based on your application and what you’re willing to give up, you could find a shop that would take it out to something like 660cc and make a screamer out of it, but if this machine is primarily for recreational use you’d be better off to just get a 700 instead.

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