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"Dear Ralph" October 12, 2005 0
Dear Ralph: I am the owner of a 2005 Ski-Doo MXZ 800HO Adrenaline with the push-button RER electronic reverse. I bought it in February...

Dear Ralph:
I am the owner of a 2005 Ski-Doo MXZ 800HO Adrenaline with the push-button RER electronic reverse. I bought it in February 2005 from a guy who put 280 miles on it and decided he didn’t like it. I put a few hundred miles on it myself before the season ended. During this time I noticed an un-nerving clanking in the clutch when: 1) decelerating or braking hard and then getting back on the gas, and 2) switching from reverse to forward and accelerating.
I brought the sled back to the original selling dealer and they went over it (for a cost of $120.00) and said that this clanking was a normal thing caused by the RER system in the secondary clutch.
I just can’t believe that BRP would market a machine with such a sloppy engagement. Am I wrong? Is the dealer right? If so, is there a solution? I really can’t stand the clanking, I’m constantly afraid that something is going to let loose and break. Please let me know what you think.
Vic Luccio
Earlton, NY

Noises are difficult to diagnose without actually hearing them, but I’ll bet you’re hearing the “normal” sound typical of any driven pulley used on an electronic reverse equipped sled, be it a Ski-Doo or Polaris that uses a non torsionally wound (compression-only) driven pulley spring. Rest assured that even though the noise may be irritating, the “clunk” that you hear will not harm the pulley. To verify this, I would have a friend who also owns a RER REV to ride your sled and see if it sounds the same. I remember when these clutches first came out to work with the push-button reverse. We all wondered if the clunk was normal and OK, and once you figure out it is the nature of the beast you get used to it, but I’ll admit I was alarmed as you are at first. The buttons (or rollers) move away from the helix ramp, and when the contact the other side for reverse operation (or come back in contact with the helix ramp) the noise occurs. This subject was covered in great detail in the September 1997 issue of SnowTech Magazine when we introduced Duane Watt’s encapsulated roller secondary.
Ski-Doo’s newer HPV 27 roller as used on most 2006 X packages, Mach Z’s and most Summit’s will (for the most part) eliminate this “clunking” sound. This is due to the use of an “encapsulated” roller design. You could purchase the newer pulley from any Ski-Doo dealer if you really can’t handle the noise.

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