There have been a higher than expected number of complaints about how fast the new Polaris 600 H.O. is. A number of riders haven’t...

There have been a higher than expected number of complaints about how fast the new Polaris 600 H.O. is. A number of riders haven’t experienced the hot little 600 that was reported last spring, that their 600s are slower than expected.

On the other hand, we have many favorable reports on the 600 H.O. being a very strong and potent package, so are we all talking about the same machines or are there some that are in fact quite a bit slower than others?

We can chalk up a few of the complaints to high expectations, but there does seem to be an number of units that are not as quick as they should be. Some of the things found to be causing this are tight track tensions, rich jetting, improper drive belt fit, and new machines simply being tight.

Our Switchback 600 H.O. runs very strong, but we can tell you the OE jetting is rather rich for the warm temperatures we’ve experienced this winter. Plug color and piston inspection confirmed our suspicions, and dropping the mains from 420s to 390s makes a significant difference in performance when the temps are above zero.

Just like any other sled, the track tension is a huge factor in rolling resistance. Many dealers tighten the tracks more than they should, assuming the owner will not be checking it so as it stretches it should end up somewhere close. Right. Don’t complain about a slow sled unless you have personally verified the track is to spec, or as loose as possible without ratcheting. Of course, studded tracks must run more tension to keep from derailing, but many of these new sleds have tracks that are too tight.

Just because a sled is new doesn’t mean the drive belt and clutches are exactly as they should be. One must verify things like clutch alignment, belt deflection, ride height, and side clearance before complaining about performance.

Every year we hear of brand new sleds that are not as fast as they should be. They loosen up considerably as they break in, but any comparison to an older sled with significantly more miles on it should be done with this in mind. Again, these sleds with over 2,000 miles on them seem to be rockets. Brand new, yes, they’re tight.

The hottest ones are going to be the Fusion 600s, as the M-10 versions will suck up some of the power as will the longer tracks on the Switchbacks and RMKs. Most dyno testing indicates the 120 HP is a reality, so we need to first verify each slow one is making power, then figure out where it is going.

The air intake system is said to be restrictive on these new models as well, and you can open them up some with additional intake filters; SLP has been recommending the installation of four of their Flow Rite intake filters, two on each side of the dash, on the RMK and Switchback 600 H.O. models. Remember that the additional airflow will require appropriate main jet sizing; if you’ve already jetting it down, bring it back up to compensate. Stock sleds are really close to perfect with the addition of the increased airflow.

  • kenny

    December 16, 2006 #1 Author

    Man i have a fusion 600 h.o and she can do around 170km and thats pretty fast. But the thing with mine is that around every 2 weeks or 300-600kms she breaks a belt. the thing is in the shop more times then she has been on the snow. I would have traded it in long ago but i like it so much and dont want tooo. last year i went though like 7-8 belts.

  • kevin

    January 15, 2007 #2 Author

    I just got my 06 600 ho fusion and I love it except it steers really hard what can I do?

  • Ken

    March 13, 2007 #3 Author

    hey im Ken also, 600 fusion rocket….good power and handling……few minor problems….fixed
    my beef is also belts..had it serviced / checked …..nedd a new belt every 200-300 miles if im lucky and at $ 100.00 a pop…..maybe its cheaper to trade in, for handling and steering check video or manual for proper set up front springs sterring and rear suspention shoud fix hard steering.

  • Matt

    December 11, 2007 #4 Author

    I also have a 06 600HO Fusion. I have about 1400 miles on and have only had one belt go. But my problem is speed. This sled will not go any faster than 88 miles/hr going down a hill and the wind at my back. I have had it back to the dealer 6 times now and have talked to Polaris probably 10 times. In the begining I check the track tightness and drive belt but everything looked great. The Dealer was telling me that the sled just had to be broken in. i agreed with them until it got to 500 miles and did not show any difference. They also tried to blame it on the weather, but i have ridden this in just about every condition imaginable. Next the dealer (with instructions from polaris) changed the jetts thinking they could be the problem. This did not help either. The next thing they attemped to replace (per factory) was the primary & secondary cluches thinking that they are not engaging properly, but this had not change to the outcome. With all of this going on they extended my warranty an extra year which was good because i had a problem witht eh chain case leaking oil due to the plastic warping. This was a problem that the dealer had seen quite a bit and polaris already had metal plates to add support to the chain case. But know that my warranty is up it is up to me to solve the problem of this sled and i am running out ideas.

  • dylan

    December 25, 2007 #5 Author

    i have a fusion 600 ho and i have put two new clutches in it and the other day i blew up another clutch and i have gone throw 5 belts

  • dylan

    December 25, 2007 #6 Author

    oo and i have done 119 on my fusion 600 but it brakes down a lot and i might trade it in for the 2008 600rr polaris

  • Dan

    December 26, 2007 #7 Author

    I just bought a non-current 06 600 H.O. Put 50 miles on it and the track wheel on the inside broke, and the track started wearing 1/8″ x 4″ on the left side. Chain case is leaking and the part is on back order…..Awesome. Also, the mechanic literally just told me that the belt had a half moon in it! After 50 Friggin MILES?! I am beginning to think that I have bought a lemon.

  • catdr

    December 28, 2007 #8 Author

    I have a 06 600 ho. no problem out running doo doos 600 sdi. slp intake horn. yellow primary and 64 g weights. stock secondary. drop 1 tooth in gear 22 -39 brings rpms up to about 8200. works great. no belt prblems. however on my preseason this year i found my fuel tank leaking at the neck. quick fix while waiting for parts. cut the middle out of a gas line antifreeze bottle and use plumbling abs cement for glue. push down in neck. the brand i used the bottle was very snug. so far no leaks.

  • catdr

    December 28, 2007 #9 Author

    any true fixes to get these thing to turn a bit better?

  • catdr

    December 29, 2007 #10 Author

    talked to my dealer and he has some problem with secondarys not shifting out. spring binding. there is a shim avail. and u can also trim down the spring seat about half. make sure clutches are shifting these things seem to need more rpms than the factory setup provides.

  • chuck loux

    January 20, 2008 #11 Author

    Bought a 2006 600 ho switchback New in 2007. crank in the engine went with zero miles on it. Had an electrical problem with the dash. And so far it is on it’s second clutch and 5th belt. Got got about 550 miles on it now. It’s very fast went it’s running.

  • catdr

    January 28, 2008 #12 Author

    ran 350 miles this weekend. fuel tank repair still holding. ran with 2008 rev xp 600 sdi renegade. the renegade got out of the hole better with the longer track 136″ but as for top speed–no difference. also found info on hard steering. shorten limiter strap 1 hole and cut the back 4 inches off the runner. sounds drastic but man what a difference. just over 2000 miles on sled and no belt or clutch prblems.

  • Ricky

    January 29, 2008 #13 Author

    I just got my 600 Ho Fusion in the fall and man is that a hot little motor two of my buddies got ’07 Ski-Doo 600 SDI’S and all the sleds have about the same power but the Ski-Doos turn a lot better my Fusion turns awfully hard so any helpwould be appreciated.

  • catdr

    February 4, 2008 #14 Author

    I was skeptical about cutting my runner but it has made a huge difference in turning effort. There is no more pulling with one arm and pushing with the other. Remove the carbide and cut off the last 4 inches of the carbide, about and inch behind the stud behind the ski post. Cut on an angle an smooth out so it does no catch in reverse. I have 500 miles since I did it and it made a big difference. Also shorten limiter strap 1 hole to put a bit more wieght up front. I have woodys 5 inch on mine so the are only 3 stud type. My buddy has a 600 sdi and they do turn better but once you get use to the fusion you’ll have no trouble keeping up in corners or passing.

  • Andy

    February 25, 2008 #15 Author

    I just bought an 06 fusion 600 H.O. and at 35 miles I blew the fist belt out. Put a new belt on and put 103 miles on that and it seems to be running good now. Does everyone have problems with belts the fist few hundred miles?

  • mark

    May 2, 2008 #16 Author

    I’ve had my 600 fusion for two years and have gone through two belts. im going to put a slp vent kit on it see if itll keep the clutches cooler. asked the dealer to check the alignment and motor mounts but they wouldnt consider it warranty and I aint gonna pay for that. I also bought a carlisl xs belt see if that set up lasts longer. other than that the sled is great. runs strong no other dependability issues. just got a new fuel tank and chain case stiffener.

  • jon

    August 27, 2008 #17 Author

    just got my fusion 600 last winterwith 1500 miles on it. speed is no problem have had it doing 113 mph on the speedo. pulls hard out of the hole too,even did a big wheelie when i had my gf on with me. turning effort is hard but it still takes the corners very well

  • Chris

    February 12, 2009 #18 Author

    i have a 06 fusion 600 its black and blue. i had gotten this sled as a parts sled and decided to put it together. i put all new parts in it, rode it about 25 mile and the primary clutch went out. after i had changed it, the sled still only did 88mph. the secondary cluth has 2 bolt holes in it with one bolt in on of the holes. my question is how far in or how far out does the bolt be? or does it have to be in there at all, because when it is really cold out the belt makes the secondary clutch feel like it is slipping forwards and reverse. the primary clutch that i had pu on it is off of a 340 but it was the exact same spring and the same number of holes on the front. i put 100 miles on it and blew a belt.

  • joe

    February 25, 2009 #19 Author

    i love my 06 fusion 600 its black and blue. i fixed my belt problem when i switched out secondary clutch for a replacement and now i can do 110 mph no problem. (double check belt quality). I’m changing my jets from 420’s to 400’s hopefully more power and SPEED.

  • Don

    March 3, 2009 #20 Author

    I personally Slp kitted 10 of these sleds, found the Dragon,was the hottest one, like all of the ones used in the tests. The timing was the biggest denominator to the equation, in fact so much I was able to increase gearing, and still have almost no belt slip. Running 8200-8300 consistant at sealevel, and smoking just about every F-7 in the 1/4 mile. I also have a Crossfire R 1000 and my 06 Dragon 600 hangs right with it up to 98 mph. Any questions email me

  • Morgan

    March 12, 2009 #21 Author

    I have a 07 rmk 600ho with the SLP intake horn 4 flow rights a full slp pipe V-forces and clutching. My 600 will hold its own against many other sleds, as far as belts go they are the most expensive belt on the market for the two strokes that i now of. My riding buddy rides the 07 summit x 800 and rips through belts constantly i have about 1200 miles on my sled of deep 4 plus feet of snowriding and am only on my 3rd belt. As far as not getting enough power i running 155 inch track and have a top speed on trails of 97 MPH i now it still has some but im not about speed im about what i can clime.

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