The Superclamp II is the second generation lever-action tie down system from R. Bowmann Industries. This composite (fiber-filled thermoplastic) tie-down consists of a deck...

The Superclamp II is the second generation lever-action tie down system from R. Bowmann Industries. This composite (fiber-filled thermoplastic) tie-down consists of a deck hook (loop, actually) and a tie-down bar now made from plastic with a lever that you pull from the edge of the trailer, not having to reach in towards the middle, with positive clamping force.
You place a clamp loop in the bed of the trailer, either screwed into the hole in the bed or mounted in the slot. From the edge of the trailer you engage the loop with the hook on the bottom of the tie down as you center the tie-down across the top of the skis just in front of the spindles and pull the lever. Install the locking pin (or your own lock for added security) and that’s it.

No more cranking a screw-type tie-down. The lever is big and easy to grab with gloves on and flat out works. You can “lock and load”, or make that “load and lock”, in a matter of seconds instead of minutes. Unloading is just as fast, when you’re in a hurry to get out there and go for a ride. Pull the pin, flip the lever, slide the tie-down over slightly to disengage the loop, lift it out and away we go. It’s that quick.

A top-center mounted height adjuster gives you the ability to adjust the clamping force and hook height to match different ski heights. Earlier problems with engaging the hook on some skis has been eliminated with slightly taller loops. You pretty much set it once and forget it, as long as it is used on the same sled or type of skis. Different ski heights typically require quick adjustment to get the proper clamping force.

We’ve been using the Superclamp ever since its early stages, not much past prototyping. Since then, we’ve witnessed constant tweaks and upgrades to the system that have improved the function and application of the tie-down. Silicone pads on the bottom ends protect your skis.

Compared to the earlier metal Superclamp, the new Superclamp II is far lighter (actual weight here) due to the thermoplastic and is plenty strong with its encapsulated gull wing structure. There is a slight amount of flex to the bar, but not so much that it would seem to effect security. The flex is helpful in preventing you from over-tightening the system, which was easier to do with the metal bars.

Bowmann also offers a similar tie-down for the rear of the sled, a shorter version that also uses lever-action to positively clamp the machine to the trailer deck surface.

Is the Superclamp II better than the tie-downs that come on some of the new trailers? We say yes; our test riders prefer the Superlcmap II to the OE tie-downs for the smoother lever action and ease of use, especially when installing the locking pin.

The Superclamp II retails for $139.95, and the Superclamp II Rear goes for $109.95. Extra deck hooks go for $12 each. Offered through many dealers and distributors such as High Performance Engineering, Starting Line Products, or for more information call
403-203-2210. You can order the Superclamp II Tie-Down System Online at

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