2019 Yamaha Teaser Video
Yamaha released this teaser video on the 2019 snowmobiles. The full Yamaha 2019 launch is scheduled for March 6th. Yamaha 2019 Microsite link Read more
1978 Arctic Cat SnoPro
The history of Arctic Cat is littered with both production and race sleds that incorporated new thinking to make better riding and better handling snowmobiles. It all started with the first slide rail suspension in the mid 60’s. Track suspension evolution continued through the mid 70’s with lightweight aluminum... Read more
1981 Ski-Doo Twin Track: The Snowmobile that Forever Changed Oval Racing
By Hal Armstrong The snowmobile that would change and dominate oval racing for nearly two decades was an evolution of the Gilles Villeneuve 1974 twin track Alouette race sled and the Jimmy Shampine ‘Offset” super modified race car that was dominating the Oswego, NY speedway in the late 70’s.... Read more
Volunteers – The Unsung Heroes of Snowmobiling
I’ve learned over the years that during the course of your life you pretty much come across two basic types of people – positive and negative. For the most part, just about everyone you ever meet will fit into one of these two basic categories. Some people make things... Read more
The Making of the Arctic Cat ZR 200 and Yamaha Sno Scoot
Get ’em while they are young. The behind the scenes story of how Arctic Cat and Yamaha joined forces to grow the market. By Greg Marier Every hardcore snowmobiler believes they know what it takes to go snowmobiling – you need the latest technology, the highest horsepower, the most... Read more
Snowmobiling’s Hidden Opportunities
Believe it or not, some of the best riding you will ever find could be lurking just before you and you didn’t even know it. Seriously. There are so many hidden opportunities out there that it will blow your mind when you find them. For starters, snowmobilers tend to... Read more
Suspension Set-Up Tips
Most snowmobile suspensions will be set up correctly out of the box (for the typical riding style expected of each model type) only requiring a simple adjustment to the rear spring(s) for the correct amount of rear sag. If the factory settings need to be adjusted, it is important... Read more
2017 Polaris 800 RUSH XCR – 1,500 Mile Test Report
The XCR was born in the ditch lines outside of Roseau, Minnesota with the sole purpose of winning cross-country race events. The “red rocket” is what the original XCR 440 was known as when the 1997 version was first released – with XCR standing for “Cross Country Racer”. The... Read more
2018.5 Ski-Doo MX Z 600R E-TEC – 500 Mile Test Report
Every now and then a snowmobile manufacturer will release a new sled with little to no warning, surprising everyone. This was exactly what happened with the brand-new 2018 MX Z 600R from Ski-Doo. This is a limited-build late-release model that introduces the all-new Rotax 600R E-TEC engine fitted into... Read more
2018 Ski-Doo Summit SP: New Model Review
It’s a new era of mountain snowmobiling, more about exploring new zones than just about staying on top of snow, more pushing yourself to ride more technical lines than climbing the highest. Being able to go more places and master technical areas with less effort is exactly where BRP’s... Read more