1975 TNT 245 RV – Black is Beautiful
In the winter of 1975 if you wanted to know what was coming down the pipe from your favorite sled builder, the race fan was heading to the oval track to have a look at the SnoPro oval race sleds or the limited build oval stockers. The winter of... Read more
2018 Polaris Indy 600 & Indy 600 SP – New Model Preview
If you didn’t get a chance to ride a Polaris Indy 600 yet, you don’t know what you are missing. This is one of most fun-to-ride sleds there is, and it just screams “Polaris” when you’re on it. It is a blend of everything you know and like about... Read more
Custom Sled Build: 2017 Yamaha Sidewinder
As a lifelong Yamaha snowmobile enthusiast (bought my first new Yamaha way back in 1971 as a wee lad in high school) I’ve watched Yamaha along with the rest of the snowmobile industry that has survived through the glory days of the 70’s and 80’s, followed by the lean... Read more
2018 Yamaha Sidewinder S-TX DX 146″
Being able to walk into a snowmobile dealership and purchase a snowmobile that is capable of producing right about 200 horsepower should scare anyone familiar with the sport. Scares us. It used to take quite a bit of talent to be able to build a machine that was capable... Read more
2018 Arctic Cat M 8000 Mountain Cat – First Ride!
The 2018 M 8000 Mountain Cat continues to be the dominant sled in Arctic Cat’s mountain lineup. It benefits from all of the great changes of the 2018 M 8000 Sno Pro along with some additional features and benefits. First and foremost, the 2018 Mountain Cat is even lighter... Read more
Check Your Reed Petals
If you are riding a late-model two-stroke sled, chances are it is likely fitted with reed cages. The reeds on the reed cages act as your “intake valves” for your engine, and the reeds are exerted to torture as they open and close thousands of times each minute. While... Read more
New Linq Adapter Brackets
We’ve been carrying the LinQ cargo bags and fuel caddie’s on sleds of all brands, thanks to the innovative adapter brackets from Up North Technologies. Since Ski-Doo sleds have a wider tunnel width (to accommodate the 16” wide track option) the spacing required to mount LinQ accessories is wider... Read more
SLP Magnum Force Clutch Weight for Arctic Cat
The Magnum Force weight increases the clamping efficiency especially at low to mid speed ranges because of its heavy heel design and mass distribution profile. It utilizes external adjustability by means of a gun drilled and threaded center core, where mass can be added or subtracted without removing the... Read more
HMK Matrix Shovel
Don’t get stuck without a Matrix Shovel from HMK. Featuring a telescoping shaft with a 14” Cross Cut Saw in handle, the Matrix Shovel has a Multi Position Handle that is adjustable from 27 – 33” to best match the job at hand. The lightweight design is super-strong with... Read more
Pro MTN Front Bumper
Give an added dose of style and protection to ProCross and ProClimb chassis snowmobiles with the new PRO MTN Bumper from Arctic Cat. The lightweight aluminum bumper features sturdy four-point mounting for added protection. Additional front and side plates increase protection while the open design minimizes snow packing. It... Read more