2018 Polaris 800 SKS 146” -Deep Snow Crossover King
Back fifteen years or so, a mountain sled like a Polaris RMK could be found in a track length as short as a 136”. Since that time the RMK deep snow mountain sleds have gotten longer in track length and narrower in width, making them even more agile and... Read more
Arctic Cat C-TEC2 800 With Dual Stage Injection
The successor to the mighty Suzuki 2-stroke 800 twin has arrived – Arctic Cat’s all-new C-TEC2 800 2-stroke twin with Dual Stage Injection. We’ve been told for years by our friends at Arctic Cat that the days of carbureted and throttle-body injected two-strokes was coming to an end. The... Read more
1977 Polaris TX-L, Liquid for the People
Long before the Indy, XCR, Pro-X or RUSH the name that was synonymous with Polaris performance snowmobiles was the TX. The Polaris TX had been a world-beater on the racetracks until the 1974 season when the production version of the TX started to show its age. The introduction of... Read more
BRP Launches Its First Electric Powerpack
BRP is expanding its range of Rotax internal combustion engines to now include electric powerpacks. Designed for karting, BRP’s new Rotax THUNDeR powerpacks will offer consumers all the advantages of electrification with the same performance and ease-of-use that have become hallmarks of the Rotax brand. “BRP is focused on... Read more
2018 Ski-Doo MXZ 600R E-TEC
Ever since Ski-Doo introduced their latest Gen 4 REV with the mighty 850 E-TEC two-stroke engine, trail riders everywhere have been holding their breath watching and waiting for a 600cc engine package in this responsive chassis. Our first hint of what was to come was the introduction of the... Read more
The Tortured Primary: 911 Response Cover
While the snowmobile OEMs have continued to add horsepower, torque and displacement there continues to be a void in one very important area – the drive clutch. With perhaps the exception of the latest drive clutches from Ski-Doo, the rest of our sleds are coming with drive clutches that... Read more
Polaris IGX 146 Rear Suspension (800 SKS 146)
The new for 2018 Polaris 800 SKS 146” comes with a new (kind of) IGX 146 rear suspension. New in that it is a variation of the 144” IGX rear suspension that made its debut for 2017 in the Switchback Assault and Switchback 144” models. IGX = Ideal Geometry... Read more
Quick Lock Handlebar Storage System
Check out the first quick-attach, modular handlebar storage system! With the help of some of the industry’s most innovative people, Sled Solutions has taken their very popular Deluxe Carry All and developed the new Quick Lock, an exclusive mounting system. Mix and match bag sizes, run one bag or... Read more
AXYS Underhood Storage Bag
Keep goggles and other personal gear warm throughout the day with a convenient underhood storage solution. The new Underhood Storage Bag from Polaris attaches with a bracket with fasteners and durable Velcro straps, the semi-rigid design keeps its shape even when empty for easy access. Perfect during cold riding... Read more
Hygear Single Shot Solution
Hygear Suspension has developed a coil-over solution for the Yamaha Apex and Vector models using the Single Shot rear suspension. The undersized stock 1.5 Float shock is replaced with a much larger 2.0 Fox coil-over platform that is built using Hygear Suspension’s custom Fox H1 build specifications. The shock... Read more