The following is from the “Editor’s Page” of the Jan/Feb 2012 issue of SnowTech Magazine. By virtue of reading this magazine, you have qualified yourself as a true snowmobiler. You want to learn as much as you can about the machines, the sport, the hardware, and now days the... Read more
Tuesday December 13, 2011 – SnowTech test riders have been riding the 2012s in the western U.P. of Michigan near Twin Lakes. Read more
November means a couple of things here at SnowTech. It means our next magazine of the season is in the mail. It also means the snowmobile season is now only about 30 days away. That isn’t a whole lot of time to get ready. Here in Minnesota our dirt... Read more

Winds of Change

Editorials August 31, 2011 3
It is always exciting to see the weather change from the hot humid days of summer to the cooler mornings of late August and early September. Just this past week we were up in the Western U.P. of Michigan (a great place to vacation in the summer as well... Read more
It is always fun when people ask us, “What do you guys do in the summer?” Sure, we’re a snowmobile magazine, so the question and curiosity is logical. They often wonder if we have some other publication, or some other business venture that keeps us busy during the no-snow... Read more

Alive and Well

Editorials July 25, 2011 0
It’s amazing what good snow early in the season does for the snowmobile industry. We tend to call it “White Gold” falling from the sky. Anytime you get decent snowfall before Christmas, the entire industry seems to take a collective sigh of relief It’s amazing what good snow early... Read more
The economy types keep telling us we should have hit bottom by now and things should be looking up, but for many of you that just hasn’t happened yet. New snowmobile sales slid yet again last season, down to just over 60,000 new units. This was past what many... Read more

Improvise and Adapt

Editorials December 1, 2008 0
It’s kind of funny, almost comical, to see and hear the reaction and predictions of non-snowmobilers towards our sport in these times of high fuel prices. Some of them actually think that we’re just going to give up and go away. This simply demonstrates how little they actually know... Read more
Each year when we get the chance to see and ride the prototypes of next year’s snowmobiles, we continue to be amazed at the time and effort that each manufacturer puts into their line-up for the next season. It used to be that introductions with huge changes only happened... Read more
After talking at great length to somebody from a California toy importer not too long ago, I realized what a difficult question this is to answer; what is snowmobiling? The toy manufacturer was simply trying to get a better understanding of the sport. Being from southern California, their exposure... Read more