No-Fog Face Mask
Readers of SnowTech Magazine should be familiar with the No-Fog facemasks that our test riders have been wearing for over 20 years; 28 years to be precise. While the exact set-up of balaclava and No-Fog mask is a very personal combination, suffice it to say that all of our... Read more
Carb Cleaner in the Fuel Additive?
This one caught our attention and has proven to be a valuable addition to the technician’s tools. The product is called “K100” and it is a fuel additive, but also boasts impressive capability to clean carb components. Now you could use it as a fuel additive, which it should... Read more
Moto Trax Enduro
Do you want to freeride, boondock, and explore the snow covered hills, mountains and trails? This kit rips in all snow and riding conditions. The Moto Trax Enduro is a full feature, go anywhere, and ride what’s in front of you kind of kit. Tailored for the best all... Read more
365 Front End Kits from Barcode Performance
The “365” front end kit provides a 36” wide ski stance, moves the skis 5” forward and has a 27-degree caster angle. Fitting the 2012-2017 Yamaha Viper/Arctic Cat ProClimb models, it can accommodate either style of OEM spindles (2016+ spindles, or 2012-2015 spindles with slight modifications). A-arms have been... Read more
eDrive Adjustable Ramps from Laflamme Racing
Here is an easy fix for the Ski-Doo 4 strokes with the eDrive primary clutch. After much testing it was discovered the ramp profile was very important to keep the rpms at a more consistent rate. These new ramps feature a custom profile to do exactly that – keep... Read more
Meridian Glove
The all new Meridian Glove features leather on 70% of the outer shell. You’ll find the leather wraps perpendicular to the finger, as does the insulation inside, meeting up on the back side of the finger, where it is stitched together. This allows for a greater pre-bend in the... Read more
Crazy Mountain Extreme Bike Kit
In the world of snow bike conversion kits, the CMX Bike Kit stands alone with a modular chassis design, a right-hand CMX Belt Drive and the Raptor twin-ski front end for the most controllable, easiest to ride and most durable conversion kit offered. The aluminum jackshaft, trackshaft and sprockets... Read more
Oculus Snow Goggle
The Oculus Snow Goggle was designed to give you the best possible vision on the snow by addressing three main points – changing light conditions, fogging and field of vision. The Oculus lets you change lenses quick and easy to deal with changing lighting. Anti-fogging is handled with air... Read more
BMP 800 E-TEC High Altitude Pipe
If you ride an 800 E-TEC at 4000 foot elevation or higher, then this mod is for you! This is a large volume “grunt” pipe that produces tons of low end and mid range power with killer throttle response and 5-7 more HP at peak. Can be used with... Read more
Woody’s 90-Piece Stud Kits
After seeing the number of 1.25” lug tracks in the 129” length taking 90 studs (34 models in 2017 alone), Woody’s produced this traction kit for your convenience. This kit includes 90 studs, round support plates, and big nuts. Single-ply tracks will take the Grand Master kit, while two-ply... Read more