C&A Pro Skis has just released its latest performance product to the snowmobile industry, the XCS (aka Xtreme Crossover Ski). With machines getting faster, lighter, and stronger there has been a need for a performance snowmobile ski that can dominate both on and off trail. C&A delivers... Read more
Turning the Coupling On or Off at the Handlebars      Mountain sled riders, pay attention here. This one is pretty cool. What we have here is a way to adjust the coupling of the rear arm, or more importantly, be able to turn it on and off with... Read more
     CMX started building sleds in 1991 because they knew they could build a better snowmobile for back country mountain riding than what the major manufacturers were producing. High-quality, high performance, light weight, efficiency and reliability were, and still are, their goals for building Crazy Mountain Xtreme (CMX)... Read more

141 Pro Linkage Kit

HOT Products December 18, 2015 0
For Arctic Cat & Yamaha SR Viper Un-Coupled Rear Suspensions.       The uncoupled rear suspensions without torsion springs found in the Arctic Cat XF and Yamaha SR Viper models have a falling rate motion ratio. This geometry is well suited for off-trail riding, but less than ideal... Read more
There is only one Haydays, the largest gathering of snowmobile enthusiasts in the world. And for the 49th Annual event, Arctic Cat celebrated the “Official Start to Winter” by releasing two new Team Arctic ZR 6000 Race Sleds (ZR 6000 R SX and ZR 6000 R XC) that will... Read more
     We’ve come to expect some unusual, outside-of-the-box thinking from the savvy group at Great Lakes Sound and Vibration (EZ Ryde) up in Houghton, Michigan. Their new HELO rear link upgrade (suspension mount) is yet another one of those products that makes you stop and take notice.  ... Read more
Better than stock? In some cases, this can be true. When it comes to drive belts, the sled makers are trying to provide a drive belt with good life and consistent performance, but they are also very conscious of the component cost. That leaves room for the aftermarket to... Read more
The Ski-Doo TNT and Renegade Adrenaline models with rMotion rear suspensions are one of the best “out of the box” suspensions offered for groomed trail riders. One of the issues with these models is that since there is no real suspension adjustability like found on the stiffer X-package models,... Read more
Last season we told you about the latest ski design from Starting Line Products, the MoHawk skis. This new ski profile was an effort to combine the on-trail handling of their wildly popular Straight Line Tracking (SLT) design with the added flotation of a wider profile, making it well... Read more
When Yamaha and Arctic Cat announced their new Viper/7000 which was to be based upon the Arctic Cat Pro Chassis with a Yamaha engine, the crew at Evolution Powersports immediately saw the high performance potential for this marriage. Arctic Cat’s excellent handling chassis combined with Yamaha’s lightweight, torquey and... Read more