One of the the biggest surprises for us in testing the new sleds this Spring was how well the (boosted) 2015 Yamaha Viper MTX with the Mountain Performance turbo worked for us. Of course, we expected the power at elevation to be good, being boosted and all. The turbocharged... Read more
The MoHawk is the latest ski design from Starting Line Products. Their goal in designing the MoHawk was to develop a ski that would be more versatile in a wider range of conditions, and a better fit for the crossover riders that want their sled to work as well... Read more
You just knew this was going to happen. Yamaha comes out with five new SR Viper sleds for 2014, but the longest track version was a 141” with 1.6” lug heights. This might be sold a as mountain sled ten years ago, but Yamaha smartly positioned their SR Viper... Read more
Bikeman Performance has developed a Durability Kit for the Polaris 800 CFI twin engines of model years 2008-2014. According to Bikeman, the relatively short connecting rods and pistons have been the cause of the short life of the stock pistons and rings. Most machines will lose 20-30 pounds of... Read more
With a race-bred PRO-RIDE front suspension, INDY rear suspension, light weight the Polaris Indy is one of the best trail sleds on the market. But it also has the makings of a competition sled and last season Bunke Racing took the Indy cross-country racing – and won! With Gabe... Read more
It has been a while, a few years actually, since we’ve seen a new model of the popular TekVest upper body protection. TekRider is now in their 18th season and have just released their latest version, the OutBack TekVest. If you wear a helmet while snowmobiling, you should also... Read more
Evolution Powersports, in conjunction with their technology partner Mountain Performance Inc. (MPI), are proud to announce the development of a broad range of ECU Programs for the Yamaha Nytro models. The two companies have spent the last two years perfecting a variety of different ECU software calibrations that are... Read more
The all-new Stealth Jacket and Bib from Klim is the ultimate in lightweight, durable ultra-serious riding gear for the most active riders on the snow. The Stealth design is lighter, faster and stronger with an extreme degree of mobility and flexibility, much like the extreme back country boondockers that... Read more
Here’s another new one from the team at Curve Industries, called the Curve XSM. This is a new concept in ski design that boldly offers one ski, with bolt-on accessories, that can take your sled from trail to powder and everything in-between. The Curve XSM is all about customizing... Read more
Standard Fox Float air shocks can be very progressive and have a limited range of adjustment. Air pressure can be set low for a plush ride, but this can cause increased sag, instability, chassis roll, front end push and excessive bottoming. A higher air pressure increases bottoming resistance and... Read more