Corey Davidson and his Yamaha Apex is the first four-stroke to win the nation’s oldest and fastest snowmobile race, the grueling International 500 held in Sault St. Marie, Mich. on Feb. 4. Davidson, sharing the driving duties with teammate Travis Hjelle, took command about 451 laps into the 500-lap... Read more
Snowmobiles like the Yamaha Apex and other new high torque four-stroke snowmobile engines are easily handled by the latest 9″ DYNOmite toroid absorbers from Land & Sea. The toroid’s reduced internal volume (and a new higher volume discharge design) allow these high-tech units to maintain RPM control – even... Read more
“Beat the Standards” is the theme for the seventh annual SAE Clean Snowmobile Challenge, hosted for the fourth year in a row by Michigan Tech in Houghton, Michigan. Sixteen teams from across North America and their reengineered snowmobiles will compete head-to-head in efforts to build greener machines and beat... Read more
Successive years of below average snowfall has caused Polaris to turn to their other product lines to keep the company strong. According to Chief Executive Tom Tiller, Polaris is producing less than half as many snowmobiles as it did seven to eight years ago. As Polaris’ financial results for... Read more
Absent for the past 15 years, the Kawartha Cup recently returned to Morrow Park in the heart of Peterbourough, Ontario. Back in the 1960s and 1970s, ice oval racing was a huge attraction at Morrow Park, but since that time snowmobile racing hasn’t been held at the park located... Read more
It’s easy to jump on a bandwagon, but difficult to drive it. Arctic Cat will further remain in the driver seat of action sports partnerships since signing Kourtney Hungerford and OGIO gear bags. For 2006, Slednecks pro freestyle ramp pioneer, Kourtney Hungerford will pilot two Arctic Cat 440 Sno... Read more
Two 2006 model year Polaris snowmobiles with the clean and efficient Polaris FS 4-stroke engine have been recognized by the U.S. Department of Interior as having Best Available Technology (BAT), so they are certified for use this winter in Yellowstone National Park. Snowmobile use in Yellowstone National Park has... Read more
SnowTech Technical Contributor Mike Lehman has been a champ sled ice oval racer for a number of years, and this season he purchased a REV-based champ sled from Mike Houle on January 4th. That following weekend at Plymouth he finished 3rd in the Semi-pro Champ (10 entries) and 7th... Read more
Featured in the Oct/Nov 2005 issue of SnowTech, the collection of nearly 600 vintage sleds owned by Ed Webb of Eden Valley, MN is currently being auctioned off one by one on A number of sleds have already been sold, but many more are still yet to be... Read more
Primarily designed for mountain and powder riders, the 2006 Outlaw from AD Boivin has an all-black mean look. The 2006 model is equipped with a new center-dump exhaust system and numerous ergonomic improvements. * New exhaust system – The 2006 SnowHawk models come with a whole new exhaust system... Read more