2018 Polaris Indy 600 & Indy 600 SP – New Model Preview
If you didn’t get a chance to ride a Polaris Indy 600 yet, you don’t know what you are missing. This is one of most fun-to-ride sleds there is, and it just screams “Polaris” when you’re on it. It is a blend of everything you know and like about... Read more
Custom Sled Build: 2017 Yamaha Sidewinder
As a lifelong Yamaha snowmobile enthusiast (bought my first new Yamaha way back in 1971 as a wee lad in high school) I’ve watched Yamaha along with the rest of the snowmobile industry that has survived through the glory days of the 70’s and 80’s, followed by the lean... Read more
2018 Yamaha Sidewinder S-TX DX 146″
Being able to walk into a snowmobile dealership and purchase a snowmobile that is capable of producing right about 200 horsepower should scare anyone familiar with the sport. Scares us. It used to take quite a bit of talent to be able to build a machine that was capable... Read more
2018 Arctic Cat M 8000 Mountain Cat – First Ride!
The 2018 M 8000 Mountain Cat continues to be the dominant sled in Arctic Cat’s mountain lineup. It benefits from all of the great changes of the 2018 M 8000 Sno Pro along with some additional features and benefits. First and foremost, the 2018 Mountain Cat is even lighter... Read more
2018 Polaris Switchback XCR – FIRST RIDE!
RACE READY TECHNOLOGY WITH MORE TRACTION For 2018 Polaris is following up the introduction of their popular RUSH XCR of last year with a longer-tracked version – the Switchback XCR. It features the same race-bred technology as its short-track brother, but with even more traction. The new 600 and... Read more
2018 Ski-Doo Renegade Backcountry X 850 – 1,000 Mile Test Report
Not quite a mountain sled, not quite a trail sled, rather a new breed of extreme crossover – getting closer and closer to that one sled that can truly do it all. If you’re a true 50/50 on-trail/off-trail crossover rider, you want this sled. Really bad. It’s that good.... Read more
2018 Arctic Cat ZR 8000 Sno Pro 137″ – 1,800 Mile Test Report
The new 800 DSI engine is an excellent motor in every regard. Power up top indeed seems to every bit as strong as our beloved Suzuki 800, with quicker responding pick-up at partial throttle settings through the low end and midrange, in addition to improved fuel mileage and reduced... Read more
Summit or Freeride? – Is the Freeride really worth the extra cash?
This has been brought up several times since Ski-Doo announced their new 850 G4 Freeride models with a 36” front end and reinforced chassis, so it’s a really good question. The easy explanation is the Freeride is to the Summit what the X-RS is to the MX Z or... Read more
2018 Polaris Titan – A New Breed of Extreme Utility Crossover Sleds
Designed to perform reliably and dependably for riders in the world’s most unforgiving winter locales, the Polaris Titan is a new breed of extreme utility crossover sled with unmatched capabilities and ground-breaking innovations. Built on the Polaris AXYS chassis, it features extreme capabilities including leading carrying and towing capacities,... Read more
2018 Ski-Doo Renegade X-RS
The “Tour de Force” of Crossover Sleds When Ski-Doo introduced their new Gen 4 REV platform last season, Ski-Doo riders everywhere immediately knew there was a new standard being set with the next-generation REV platform, powered by an all-new 850 E-TEC 2-stroke powerhouse. But, as with so many new... Read more