For snowmobilers who use their sleds for a little – or a lot – of work, Ski-Doo is now offering a “little helper” for 2007 – the Warn Portable Winch Kit. With 1,500 pounds of pulling power and 50 feet of wire rope, it’s perfect for pulling fellow sledders... Read more
Polaris has combined development work done in the Polaris engineering center with extensive real-world, on-snow testing to produce the new Polaris AF-1 Helmet, which provides riders with outstanding anti-fog performance. “We simply cannot get this thing to fog,“ said Pure Polaris Helmet Developer Michael Alessi. “This helmet redefines the... Read more
The industry’s first GORE-TEX riding boot is “Guaranteed to Keep You Dry®”! Whether you live to carve through fresh powder all day long, pound out a 200-300 mile day or just ride casually through winter’s beauty, you’ll do it with warm and dry feet in Klim’s new Adrenaline Boot.... Read more
New for 2007 are convenient accessory kits that include several accessories for transforming a Freestyle at a nice price. The Freestyle Pimped Kit includes colored grilles, colored skid plate and decals give your ’Style a custom look. The ultra-low colored windshield and A-arm protectors give the sled an air... Read more
Even today, there continues to be a huge number of questions regarding which oil is the one to use, which oil is better than another, and which oil is good enough. Let’s review the two-stroke lubricant standards; API TC; TCW; TC-W2; TC-W3; JASO FC; and ISO-L-EGD. Non-racing two-stroke oils... Read more
“Fibercell” is a hand-crafted carbon fiber fuel cell. Its top surface consists of one layer of carbon/Kevlar and three layers of conventional carbon cloth laminated with a high epoxy resin. A separate bottom half consists of four layers of convential carbon 2×2 weave cloth which is then bonded to... Read more
Peter Visscher of Ontario, Canada has been working on this experimental rear suspension for over three years, along with the Industry Liaison Office at the University of Western Ontario as well as Materials and Manufacturing Ontario. The suspension uses a single Ohlins shock with rebound and compression adjustment worked... Read more
No backpack offers more protection for your stuff – and more style for you – than the new Ski-Doo Xteam hardback by Axio. The trick is the rigid polycarbonate shell that not only keeps gear safe, but enables designers to give it a look similar to high end helmets.... Read more
Theses are some really sweet gloves if you’re looking for a compact fit, that are lightweight, breathable and Gore-Tex waterproof. The PowerXross glove from Klim Aggressive Sled Wear is the answer for those that are looking for a waterproof motocross style glove. One of our test riders latched onto... Read more
Run a Firecat across a lake and stop to check the plugs or pistons and you’ll learn the EFI gives the laydown twin plenty of fuel; just to be safe. Those who run these engines on the dyno will tell you the same thing; the factory calibration on these... Read more