The Return of the El Tigre For the past few years Arctic Cat has been offering their 4-stroke 1100cc as their entry into the 125 HP class. The logic was so many people were buying the 800cc two-stroke, and with the EPA regulations the 4-strokes were a great way... Read more
Heading in a Radically New Direction Feast your eyes upon the all-new 2014 Yamaha SR Viper. Powered by the Yamaha 1049cc “Nytro” engine fitted with Yamaha primary and secondary clutches, this new sled has so much new and different going on that it might take a few moments for... Read more
One of the issues owners of the latest platform from Arctic Cat have been chasing is that of drive belt durability. Since its introduction in 2012, the Arctic Cat Procross & Proclimb sleds have been tough on drive belts. Arctic Cat has taken several steps in an attempt to... Read more
With Chris Olin – Rox Speed FX “What the heck is an RXf?” you’re asking yourself. Is it a Yamaha in Cat clothing? Is it an Arctic Cat with an identity crisis? XF or F? Or is it something that does not exist but could be something we would... Read more
Ski-Doo sells more snowmobiles than anyone else, and that lead is growing. Over the past year they have increased their market share in all segments, especially in the mountains. Their warranty costs have decreased and customer satisfaction has increased. Where do they go next? How about enhancing the riding... Read more
Polaris has really gotten their act together the past few years. Back when the RUSH first came out in 2010, it seemed as if that exact model was rushed to market (funny, huh). But since that time they have taken the Pro-Ride platform to new heights in their popular... Read more
In what could be described as one of the biggest surprises ever in the snowmobile industry, Yamaha has just released details on several new RS Viper models for 2014 that are all-new sleds for Yamaha, ranging from 129” short-tracked models to 137” Crossover sleds and a longer 141” deep... Read more
When you first examine the new models from Arctic Cat for 2014, you might be confused as the familiar numbers like “800”, “1100” and “1100 Turbo” are gone. Instead we see numbers like 5000, 6000, 7000 and 8000. Arctic Cat has changed the way they classify their engine sizes,... Read more
Sample article from SnowTech Magazines October/November 2013 print issue Two-Stroke Brutality Even though Arctic Cat introduced us to their new Procross platform last season, very few riders were able to get many miles on their new sled last winter. That means they didn’t really have the chance to find... Read more
The Oct/Nov 2012 issue is in the mail and features 26 pages of 2013 New Model reviews on the following sleds: Arctic Cat F1100 LXR, Ski-Doo Expedition Sport, Yamaha Venture MP, Polaris Indy 600 RMK, Arctic Cat Sno Pro RR, Yamaha RS Vector, Arctic Cat F 800 Sno Pro... Read more