If you wanted an electric start on your Arctic Cat 800 Procross or Proclimb last winter, you likely discovered it simply was not available. Arctic Cat didn’t have them ready yet, or at least not in a form that was acceptable to be shipped to you. Wait no more,... Read more
Now your favorite snowmobile magazine is available on your PC, Mac, Smartphone, iPad, or iPhone through Zinio. Zinio is the world’s largest digital newsstand and bookstore. By following the Zinio links below you will be able to order a digital subscription or order single copies of SnowTech to be... Read more
Ski-Doo REV riders should all be familiar with the little black air deflectors found on most of the 2003-2007 REV models. Attached to the top of the side panels on both sides, these little wind deflectors did a great job at helping to deflect cold air up and away... Read more
Now available is the Isovibe SX for the Arctic Cat ProCross and ProClimb models. The IsoVibe SX is a dual-purpose handlebar riser and insulator that absorbs shock and vibration by isolating your handlebars from the steering post with specially designed polyurethane bushings. Greatly reduces the impacts normally transferred to... Read more
Tuesday December 13, 2011 – SnowTech test riders have been riding the 2012s in the western U.P. of Michigan near Twin Lakes. Read more
October 26, 2011 – Polaris Industries Inc. has announced a minority investment in Brammo, an Ashland, Oregon based maker of electric vehicle technology and two-wheel electric vehicles. By investing in Brammo, Polaris obtains access to their proprietary electric vehicle powertrain technology, as well as exposure to the rapidly growing... Read more
Here is an item that every carbureted snowmobile, motorcycle, ATV and watercraft should have; a clean and easy way to drain the carburetor float bowls. A quick turn of the valve on this kit will purge your carbs and keep you running safe and strong. Why drain the float... Read more
One of the more curious attempts at building an over-the-snow vehicle back in the 1920’s comes from the Armstead Snow Motors Company of Michigan. Powered by a Fordson tractor (and a Chevy automobile), their snow vehicles utilized a dual auger-drum propulsion system. Granted, these were not the small single... Read more
Have you ever wondered why the groomer wasn’t out last night? Everyone has had a day where the trails weren’t as smooth as the day before, and you just can’t understand why. Well, here’s a little insight into trail grooming. * While most clubs that operate groomers are funded... Read more
…..Who do you call when you’re trying to make an old vintage race sled like new again? One of the best sources on the planet is Wahl Brothers Racing. These guys helped build a good number of the old (Arctic and Polaris) race sleds over the past couple of... Read more