Meridian Glove
The all new Meridian Glove features leather on 70% of the outer shell. You’ll find the leather wraps perpendicular to the finger, as does the insulation inside, meeting up on the back side of the finger, where it is stitched together. This allows for a greater pre-bend in the... Read more
Crazy Mountain Extreme Bike Kit
In the world of snow bike conversion kits, the CMX Bike Kit stands alone with a modular chassis design, a right-hand CMX Belt Drive and the Raptor twin-ski front end for the most controllable, easiest to ride and most durable conversion kit offered. The aluminum jackshaft, trackshaft and sprockets... Read more
Oculus Snow Goggle
The Oculus Snow Goggle was designed to give you the best possible vision on the snow by addressing three main points – changing light conditions, fogging and field of vision. The Oculus lets you change lenses quick and easy to deal with changing lighting. Anti-fogging is handled with air... Read more
BMP 800 E-TEC High Altitude Pipe
If you ride an 800 E-TEC at 4000 foot elevation or higher, then this mod is for you! This is a large volume “grunt” pipe that produces tons of low end and mid range power with killer throttle response and 5-7 more HP at peak. Can be used with... Read more
Woody’s 90-Piece Stud Kits
After seeing the number of 1.25” lug tracks in the 129” length taking 90 studs (34 models in 2017 alone), Woody’s produced this traction kit for your convenience. This kit includes 90 studs, round support plates, and big nuts. Single-ply tracks will take the Grand Master kit, while two-ply... Read more
Elite Pro Front Bumper
Polaris now offers a complete series of all-new accessory front bumpers to dress up and protect your brand new Polaris AXYS sled. The Elite Pro Front Bumper (shown here in Blue) features a wrap-around design to protect the belly pan from impacts. The stamped aluminum design adds strength and... Read more
FX Jacket from FXR
The Team FX Jacket from FXR is a new entry in the performance trail segment, insulated to keep you warm with 250 grams of total insulation – 130 grams of fixed F.A.S.T (Flotation Assistance Safety System) insulation, with 120 grams of Thermal Flex insulation in the removable liner. Dry... Read more
Arctic Cat Shovel Pack
Pack a shovel and extra riding gear with the new Shovel Pack from Arctic Cat. This premium low-profile design bag offers mid-capacity 13-liter storage capacity while providing quick access to a shovel. The bag is secured to the tunnel via the ultra-secure Cam-Lock system, which features quarter-turn fasteners that... Read more
B-PWR Lightweight Helmets
B-PWR is now offering lightweight helmets in Mountain Edition (1300 gram fiberglass) and Mountain Racing Edition (990 gram full carbon fiber). Both of these new designs are DOT certified, with the full carbon fiber also Snell rated. These are snowmobile-specific designs, very comfortable and made for use in the... Read more
Ramp Crossbar Protector
Designed to mount over 1-inch ramp cross bars on solid, double and tri-fold loading ramps, these Crossbar Protector strips help prevent stud damage to loading ramps from studded tracks while adding additional traction. The 7.5 inch long pieces can also be used for ATV/UTV traction when placed on the... Read more