Dear Ralph: I have a 2006 Yamaha Attak and absolutely love the sled. The power, the stability, the way it takes the bumps, and the fuel economy are all so much better than what I was used to. Problem is, my sled started to display a number 35 error... Read more
Dear Ralph: I just picked up a couple of spare drive belts at my dealer, and it’s like they’re all oily or greasy. I figure that can’t be good for my clutches. What’s up with that? “Renegade Marty” You’re right, that isn’t a good thing for your clutches. The... Read more
Dear Ralph, First off, this is by far the best snowmobile magazine. My question is about stock pipe(s) vs. after market pipe(s) running temps. Most stock pipes come with an aluminum shield and a bit of insulation between them. Is this for reducing sound or for keeping a pipe... Read more
Dear Ralph: I have a 2007 Ski-Doo MX Z 600 HO SDI. When I was adding oil the other day, I noticed a wire going into the muffler. What is this? I figured it might be a temp sensor, but that doesn’t make any sense, either. via Yes,... Read more

Bad Cable

"Dear Ralph" November 20, 2007 0
Dear Ralph: I have to tell you, I love your magazine! But, that’s not what I want; I have a 1990 Polaris Indy. Every time I go wide open and let off the throttle the cable falls out. Can you help me? Thanks for any advice you can share.... Read more
Dear Ralph: I have a 2007 Arctic Cat F-1000. I am not real happy with the stock track, so I want to replace it with a Ripsaw 128” x 15” x 1.25”. I am not going ice dragging with it, 98% of my riding is on groomed trails and... Read more
Dear Ralph: I’m trying to determine the appropriate quantity of isopropyl alcohol to add to the snowmobile gas tank when I fill. I would like to know how many ounces (or milliliters) of alcohol per gallon (or liter) of gas. Pierre Parent Quebec, Canada One to two ounces per... Read more
Dear Ralph: Have you had any complaints regarding the hot grips on 2006 or earlier REVs not getting hot enough? Mine get warm, but do not seem to get hot. I previously rode a Yamaha, and before that a 1998 Ski-Doo and both were much warmer. I’ve had it... Read more
Dear Ralph: What is the recommended mileage for changing hyfax and changing chain case lube? Sondra and Bob There really isn’t a specified mileage to replace hyfax, it is done on an “as needed” basis. Each model has a specification (usually listed in the owner’s manual) of minimum acceptable... Read more

Kinked Tunnels

"Dear Ralph" July 15, 2007 0
Dear Ralph: Have you guys heard anything about bent tunnels on Crossfires, or had any problems with yours? Some people in various forums have posted pictures, and claim that they weren’t riding hard when they bent. But others have ridden theirs for thousands of miles without a problem. They... Read more