Dear Ralph: I am looking for technical help with an ongoing problem on my ’05 Renegade 800 HO. Since new I’ve had problems with my drive belts disintegrating, with anywhere from 500 to 1500 miles on them. I’ve tried both Bombardier and Ultimax belts. I’ve had two dealers check... Read more
Dear Ralph: I own a Yamaha RX-1. My problem is I don’t like the abrupt deceleration that occurs when I cut the throttle. If I’m standing or in a slight crouch when I decelerate, it nearly pitches me over the handlebars. A second or two later, the machine seems... Read more
Dear Ralph: I have an ’02 ZR 600 Cross Country EFI that isn’t running very well. I was told by a buddy to check the LED on the side of the ECU to determine the error code. It flashes six times, but I don’t know what this means. Is... Read more
Dear Ralph: We have a couple of the new 2007 Polaris IQ 600 CFIs and we are very concerned with the oil consumption. More accurately, the lack of. We’ve been seeing only about one ounce of oil being used per gallon, and this seems to be silly lean. So... Read more
Dear Ralph: First off, I love your magazine! I own a 2007 Yamaha Phazer FX and am considering installing studs into the track. My dealer has no advice on this subject, and when I look at the websites for the stud companies they don’t seem to show any type... Read more
Dear Ralph: There have been many claims about replacing plugs on the Apex for a claimed 2-3 HP gain. One experienced rider even claims to FEEL the difference. Another rider claims the sled idles better, and starts faster. The magic plugs are NGK CR10EK, or CR10EX. The experienced rider... Read more

Gassy Ovation

"Dear Ralph" April 10, 2007 0
Dear Ralph: I love the magazine, read it cover to cover twice. Have you any idea why an ’89 Ovation would be getting too much fuel? I’ve gone through the carbs (several times) and have replaced the needle and the bowl gasket. Still too much fuel. Help! KCCats Northern... Read more

Heated Carbs?

"Dear Ralph" January 28, 2007 0
Dear Ralph: When should I turn on and/or turn off the valve that lets the heated coolant run through the carb bodies? I know this feature is to keep the carbs from freezing up, but a riding buddy told me to leave it off unless I was riding in... Read more

Funky Gauge

"Dear Ralph" January 2, 2007 2
Dear Ralph: I was wondering if you have heard of any problems related to faulty ECMs in 2004 Firecats. I have a 2006 F-6 and from day one when I bought it the speedometer would occasionally go crazy fluctuating, or go out completely. I was told to check the... Read more
Dear Ralph: I have a 1998 Yamaha SX 700 with about 4,000 miles on it. Should I be replacing the rings, or pistons and rings? Paul K. Does it run good? Have you checked to see if the compression of each cylinder is within 10% of each other? I’d... Read more