No-Lights Kitty

"Dear Ralph" January 2, 2007 0
Dear Ralph: I have a l995 Arctic Cat 580 Powder Special. The sled runs fine but I have no head lights, tail lights, tach or hand warmers. How should I check for stator output? Or, is it the A/C voltage regulator? Thanks for your articles in SnowTech Magazine, they... Read more
Dear Ralph: My dealer is laying that “use only my oil” routine on me pretty thick. I know you guys test all kinds of oils on a daily basis, so my question is this; what kind of oil do you prefer to use in your sleds? Peter Amundson Lakeville,... Read more

Track Direction

"Dear Ralph" December 28, 2006 0
Dear Ralph: I have a 1989 Polaris Indy Sport GT. I just repaired the drive shaft, but I’m not sure if the track is facing the right direction. Can you give me any tips? Dana Hodge New Foundland, Canada Most tracks will have a directional arrow molded into the... Read more

PTO Burn Downs

"Dear Ralph" December 11, 2006 0
Dear Ralph: I have a 2002 Polaris XC 800 SP with a single pipe, high flow intake, (2) flow-rites in the dash, boost bottle, & clutching all of which is SLP. Their products are as advertised. My problem is I’m on my third piston/jug set in three years. It... Read more
Dear Ralph: I was reading about the new Rotax 800R engine in the last issue, both the dyno run and the info on the 3-D RAVE valves. The way I read this, the 800 R is fitted with “variable valve timing”. Correct? Peter Norton I suppose you could make... Read more

Compression = Power

"Dear Ralph" December 11, 2006 0
Dear Ralph: Here’s the deal – I’m wondering if since my sled claims to be “87-octane” safe that I could safely increase the compression and run say 89, 91 or even higher octane fuel and make more power. Sound logic, right? Max Harpell This is a fairly safe generalization.... Read more

Open Tunnel

"Dear Ralph" December 11, 2006 0
Dear Ralph: I just looked at a brand new Yamaha Phazer and saw the “open tunnel”. What’s up with that? Wouldn’t this cause one to get a wet butt? Doesn’t make any sense to me. Hunter K. The reason the tunnel is open under the seat on the new... Read more

Old Timer Advice

"Dear Ralph" December 11, 2006 0
Dear Ralph: I’ve been out of the sport for the past 15-16 years, as I was living down south for this long. But, as fate has it, I’m back up in Minnesota now for at least the next year or so, and much to my surprise I discovered your... Read more

Track Swap Choices

"Dear Ralph" December 11, 2006 0
Dear Ralph: I want to install a different track into my Ski-Doo Renegade. Currently it has the 16” wide 1.25” lug height track from Ski-Doo. I was considering the Ski-Doo 1.75” track, or one of the Camoplast 1.5” options. I ride mostly in the U.P. of Michigan, so you... Read more
Dear Ralph: I was wondering, does it work to fit a 16” track under a 2003 Edge (Polaris) sled? Michael Unger Not really. The tunnel just isn’t wide enough. Some guys have got them in, but most of them jacked up the rear of the sled and spread the... Read more