Polaris 755

"Dear Ralph" December 9, 2006 0
Dear Ralph: First of all, thanks for a great magazine! You are the only sled mag I trust for honest, real world information. The 2006 Polaris RMK 700 (755cc) 144 x 2 looks like a great off-trail set-up. Add C&A Pro skis, SLP can and air filter and weight... Read more

16″ Wide Tracks

"Dear Ralph" November 18, 2006 0
Dear Ralph: I was wondering, does it work to fit a 16” track under a 2003 Edge (Polaris) sled? Michael Unger Not really. The tunnel just isn’t wide enough. Some guys have got them in, but most of them jacked up the rear of the sled and spread the... Read more

Gears and Chain?

"Dear Ralph" September 13, 2006 0
Dear Ralph: When servicing my sled for the season, I pulled the chaincase cover and discovered the chain had some plates that were broken. When I went to my dealer to order a new chain, he told me I’d be stupid to not replace the gears as well. I... Read more

Yamaha Shock Rebuilds

"Dear Ralph" September 13, 2006 0
Dear Ralph: After reading the latest SnowTech and seeing the picture of the oil from inside an Arctic Cat shock, I decided to take your advice. I am going to have the shocks from our two 2006 Yamaha Rages serviced. The local shock guy has not done these shocks,... Read more
Dear Ralph: I purchased my first Ski-Doo this past season, a 2006 MX Z Adrenaline 600 H.O. SDI. I love the sled, it is everything you told me it would be, with the exception of the skis. Don’t get me wrong, I enjoy the performance of the skis; light... Read more
Dear Ralph: I have a good one for you. I own a 2002 Yamaha SXViper. It originally came with electric start, but since the sled was sort of heavy compared to the SX700 I was used to riding, I decided to remove the (weight) of the battery and electric... Read more
Dear Ralph: I have a 1979 John Deere Trailfire that I have been restoring and I’m trying to find out what the track tension should be adjusted to. I have just replaced the track and I’m not familiar with the correct procedure for adjusting the track to the proper... Read more
Dear Ralph: I remember reading about the amount of oil that the Yamaha 4-strokes would consume on a “normal” basis when the RX-1 first came out. I’m now considering purchasing a 4-stroke, and was wondering if this still applies or if the issue of oil consumption has been addressed... Read more
Dear Ralph: I really enjoy your column. I have a 2002 Arctic Cat ZL600s/s esr that has a leak at the neck of the gas tank. I can see the crack on the inside of the tank and it is even with the outside top of the tank. Is... Read more
Dear Ralph: While prepping my sled for summer storage this past spring, I found that my ’04 Polaris 800 XC SP (with the stainless steel power valve mod, both cylinders) had stripped all the treads from the top hat nut that attaches the power valve to the bellows. The... Read more