In response to a question about hard turning REVs, our friend Harvey Edson provided the following (informative) insight; “I have read your response in the Jan/Feb issue of the subject 600 HO Rev from a Bob Graham. I have a 2003 MXZ HO 800 that I put USI (PX... Read more
A number of you pointed out an incorrect operating RPM for the Arctic Cat 800 twin that was mentioned in the Jan/Feb issue in the “Dear Ralph” section (page 20). The correct operating RPM for the Arctic Cat 800 twin is 7200-7400 RPM, NOT the 8000-8200 RPM that was... Read more
In the October-November issue, we raised a flag of caution in regards to some field reports of titanium springs wearing away at the ends of the coils in certain applications. We have since learned additional information about the accelerated wear that was witnessed. It does seem there is a... Read more

Noisy RS Clutches

Feedback January 18, 2006 0
A number of you requested more information on the o-rings used to quiet down the clutch rattle on various 2005 Yamaha RS (three-cylinder) 4-strokes. The noise will not cause any mechanical problems, and is said to be a result of the power stroke interval characteristics of the three-cylinder engine... Read more
A number of readers expressed concern about the “Diamond Drive Service” in the December issue. The concern was that they’ve been previously warned to not tip a Firecat up on its right side for an extended period as this can cause air to enter the oil lines and possibly... Read more
There has been some confusion as to the proper adjustment length for the exhaust valves on the Arctic Cat F7 and F6 engines (found in various Firecat, Sabercat and M-Series models). Originally, the 2003 F7 owner’s manual stated the proper cable length to be 36.1 to 38.1 mm. We... Read more
We’ve heard from a number of vendors and shops in regards to issues with track tension caused by the installation of larger diameter rear axle wheels in 121” machines. The use of the stronger aluminum wheels adds strength in corner tail landings, and installing larger diameter wheels into long... Read more
In the last issue we told you about a section of former rail line that was supposed to become a rail-trail, but the state had been outbid by private investors. We’ve now learned that the state has since purchased this property, according to David Soucy, Director of the Bureau... Read more
The response to our “Investing in the Future” editorial which encouraged readers to become active in the clubs and associations where they ride, regardless of whether they can perform the physical part of club trail work, was positive and encouraging. Some clubs responded by stating they need help mostly... Read more
One of the nuances of the 4-stroke motors now found in some of the newer snowmobiles is the affect of engine compression braking when you let off the throttle. Owners of the 4-strokes, and those who have spent any amount of time riding one, can confirm this tendency, where... Read more