Ski-Doo has revised their Pilot 5.7 skis, with reinforcements added to strategic locations, including the thickness on the outside edge just in front of the outer carbide runner. This is certain to improve durability and strength of the otherwise well-mannered skis. When it comes time to replace the Pilot... Read more

Ski-Doo Hyfax Removal

Feedback November 15, 2006 7
Doug Stangl of Winnepeg, Manitoba shared with us his method of removing hyfax (sliders) from a Ski-Doo with small track windows; “I have found that if I raise the back end of the sled off the ground, remove the back two bolts from the skid and let it drop... Read more
Contest winners included (left to right) Stephen Coady of Burlington, ON; David Brohman of Hamilton, ON; Darlene and Steve Forestell of Campbellford, ON. At the end of March, when most every trail in the lower 48 had melted and turned to slush, a small group of lucky snowmobilers continued... Read more

Hard Turning Polaris IQs

Feedback September 14, 2006 1
If you’re looking for a way to reduce the steering effort on your 2005-2006 Polaris IQ (A-arm) machine, Holz Racing Products (HRP) in Lynden, WA has developed a set of lightweight spindles to cure your problem. The HRP “IQ EZ-Steer Aluminum Spindles” offer improved geometry for better handling and... Read more
A small article titled “Two Stroke Oil Ratings” found in the Spring 2006 issue of SnowTech has created some confusion. Don Friedrich of Performance Parts informed us that there was no “ISO-L-EGD+” rating for two-stroke oils, as mentioned in the article. Don is correct. Technically, the proper nomenclature is... Read more

Moisture in Chaincase

Feedback September 13, 2006 0
In regards to the “Moisture in Chaincase” question posed in Dear Ralph, (chaincases where the lube becomes water contaminated), SnowTech reader Dennis Gilbertson tells us by adding a small amount of brake fluid to the chaincase lube, the seal on the output shaft will swell slightly, and the moisture... Read more
There have been a higher than expected number of complaints about how fast the new Polaris 600 H.O. is. A number of riders haven’t experienced the hot little 600 that was reported last spring, that their 600s are slower than expected. On the other hand, we have many favorable... Read more
Don Thompson, owner of the tricked-out SXViper Extreme featured in the Jan/Feb issue of SnowTech, asked that we add the following information regarding how he arrived at a hot clutching set-up on his custom creation; “I forgot to mention someone who has been a great help in the clutching... Read more
As reported last fall, a new trail in the Western U.P. of Michigan was planned to be ready for use this winter that would connect the Greenland/Mass City area with Silver Mountain and Sidnaw off to the east; an extension of Michigan trail # 12 from Ontonagon to Mass... Read more

Warranty Extension?

Feedback March 10, 2006 0
At what point should a manufacturer extend the warranty past the agreed upon period? And at what point should a manufacturer cover repairs for a second owner? If it is a safety issue, the obligation is fairly clear, but what about mechanical issues? Chad Hale, a customer service rep... Read more