Many of us have experienced a build-up of ice underneath and around the rear of the seats on the Arctic Cat Sabercat and Firecat models. Curiously, this doesn’t seem to be an issue on M-Series and Crossfire models, so what’s the difference? Ralph Krick of Fleetwood, PA offered the... Read more

Titanium Clutch Springs

Feedback November 24, 2005 0
For the past few years we’ve been telling you about how great titanium (ti) springs are, but we’re getting feedback that they do not last when used in primary clutches. They are awesome in suspension applications, but feedback from the field indicates they simply do not last when placed... Read more

More Crossfire

Feedback November 24, 2005 0
A number of you observed we really like the new Arctic Cat Crossfire. Yes, we do. The consensus of our test staff was, “This is the first Firecat that we’ve truly felt was a better all-around machine than our first ZR 900.” This speaks volumes. However, a number of... Read more
For almost ten years we have been weighing our sleds with all of the gas and injection oil removed. While more difficult than simply filling them up and weighing them, we have done it this way to avoid providing an incentive to manufacturers to install smaller gas tanks in... Read more
Dale Fett of Fett Brothers Performance in Frazee, Minnesota provided the following insight in regards to the new carb inserts (VIPs) from Thunder Products. “We tested the VIP carb units from Thunder Products in two different snowmobiles; a 2002 Arctic Cat 800 twin and a 2003 Ski-Doo 600, with... Read more
A number of Yamaha 4-stroke riders commented on the lack of mention of the cost of injection oil and oil loss characteristics of 2-strokes vs. 4-strokes. One Yamaha RX Warrior rider stated, “A 2-stroke takes a quart of injection oil (expensive synthetic stuff now days) about every 90-150 miles.... Read more
….according to the USDA, America has 749 million acres of forestland. In 1920, we only had 735 million acres of forestland! Read more
There was clearly confusion surrounding whether the 2005 Ski-Doo Summit Highmark and Highmark X models would be fitted with a 159” or 162” track length. Originally supplied information indicated these models would be fitted with 162” tracks, but as SnowTech prepared the material for the Spring issue we were... Read more

Aftermarket Diamond Drive

Feedback September 16, 2004 0
After running the big article on the Diamond Drive gearbox that replaces the jackshaft and chaincase, several readers wanted to know if this system was ever available from Black Diamond for installation into Polaris RMKs, Yamaha RX-1s and Ski-Doo REVs? According to Wayne Nicholson of Black Diamond, they were... Read more
Remember Fred Stearns from East Wallingford, Vermont who put over 10,000 miles on his 2003 Yamaha RX-1? Stearns proclaimed that his target was 12,000 miles on his 2004 Yamaha RX-1, so how did he do? Another good snow year in the northeast (and another trusty RX-1) allowed Stearns to... Read more