The new X2 Triple Threat Skis from USI are the industry’s first truly “tunable” skis, allowing their handing characteristics to be adjusted based on the needs and wants of the rider as well as snow and riding conditions; from “Mild to Wild” in a matter of minutes! Ultimate Sports... Read more
The first issue of the season came off the press and went into the mail the first week of August. Subscribers should receive them between now and the 21st. (Canadian deliveries may take longer). The magazine should start showing up on the newsstand on the 15th of August. 100... Read more
Dear Ralph: I have some problems with my ’98 XCR 440. Last year I used it bone stock, only rejetted to MJ 340. I used R8 helix and silver/blue sec. spring (stock) and S53R weights and almond/gold spring (also stock), drive belt OEM -67. It ran pretty good, more... Read more

Deeper Lug Track?

New Products September 28, 1998 0
Dear Ralph: I would like to replace the original track on my XLT Touring with the 1.25″ deeper lug track such as the one on the Indy 500 RMK. Most of my riding is on the Wisconsin and Minnesota trail systems, but I do make several trips out West... Read more
Dear Ralph, A friend is turbocharging a ZRT 800 and we might need a bit more fuel from the power jets than what we’re using. What do the numbers on Mikuni jets (main and power) really indicate? Does it have anything to do with hole diameter, flow rate in... Read more
Dear Ralph: I stopped by both of my Ski-Doo dealers to buy a replacement spring for my secondary clutch. As it turns out neither of them stock these items. I was informed that they never go bad so why change them. I have been accustomed to changing my clutch... Read more