Last season we told you about a new set of RAD Valves from Boyesen that had been developed specifically for the big-block Polaris twins. Previously, Boyesen offered what was called a #63 version of their popular dual-stage RAD Valve design, but this version left some performance on the table.... Read more

SOS Handlebar Bag

SnowTest September 8, 2004 0
Many of the new mountain sleds have LESS storage, so we were forced to look for something better. What we discovered was a new handlebar storage bag from Survival On Snow that is clearly designed for mountain sleds and their narrow space within the center grab bar. It also... Read more

Cruz Snow Tool Kit

SnowTest September 8, 2004 0
It’s almost comical when we look at the tool kits that come with a brand new sled that costs somewhere between $5,000 and $10,000 these days. The wrenches are cheap, inadequate, and many times yanked out of the sled and forgotten. Experienced riders know the importance of having a... Read more