No-Fog Face Mask
Readers of SnowTech Magazine should be familiar with the No-Fog facemasks that our test riders have been wearing for over 20 years; 28 years to be precise. While the exact set-up of balaclava and No-Fog mask is a very personal combination, suffice it to say that all of our... Read more
Here at SnowTech we are bombarded each year with box after box of new products for our staff to preview, review and analyze. So when a new bottle of something shows up, we are very skeptical, to say the least. Especially when it comes to additives, oils, anything in... Read more
Since Polaris has suspended the big-block 755 and 900 engines for this season, your choices to build a rockin’ 2007 Polaris mountain sled are based on the potent small-block motors; the 600 H.O. and the all-new Dragon. Problem is, the Dragon 700 was only offered in the spring and... Read more

Diamond Drive Service

SnowTest November 2, 2005 3
***After reading this article, be sure to read Diamond Drive Service CAUTION*** With an increasing number of Arctic Cats now fitted with the radically-different Diamond Drive gearbox, the number of questions and curiosity surrounding these units is increasing. First off, about the only service the units should require is... Read more
All of us own some sort of seasonal vehicle that has a battery. And, most of us have learned (the hard way) what happens when these lead-acid batteries sit unused for months on end; they’re dead when we go to start the vehicle and they don’t last very long.... Read more

Ski-Doo Pro Gear Bag

SnowTest November 1, 2005 0
One of the finer pieces of gear we got our hands on last season was the new Ski-Doo Pro Gear Bag. The Ski-Doo accessory people took some time to demonstrate all of its neat features to us, and we must admit we were impressed. You could instantly tell there... Read more
The Superclamp II is the second generation lever-action tie down system from R. Bowmann Industries. This composite (fiber-filled thermoplastic) tie-down consists of a deck hook (loop, actually) and a tie-down bar now made from plastic with a lever that you pull from the edge of the trailer, not having... Read more
Have you ever been working on your sled when someone wants whatever is in front, or right behind you ? No big deal if you’re using this lift. Just roll it out of the way or to where you want it, plug it in, push a button and up... Read more
There has to be over 100 different injection oils offered for snowmobiles, some very good and some not so good. How do you know which is which? One injection oil that we’ve been using for the past two years comes with little fanfare and a not-so-fancy label. “Fowler 2... Read more

FOX Float Airshox

SnowTest September 8, 2004 1
Last year we introduced you to the new FOX FLOAT AirShox that replace the traditional heavy coil spring found on ski shocks absorbers with an adjustable “air spring”, an air chamber that replicates and improves upon the spring action of the coil spring. Typical shock absorbers on the front... Read more