2020 Polaris 600 Indy XC 137″ – 2,100 Mile Test Report

For 2020 Polaris brought us the INDY XC 137” models. Promised to be every bit as good as the 129” sleds of 2019, but now with the longer track and tunnel. This provides even more room to carry gear, a smoother ride, improved flotation and greater stability, all while delivering responsive handling and the ultimate in confidence through a wider range of conditions…

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2020 Ski-Doo Renegade X 600R – 2,400 Mile Test Report

The 2020 Ski-Doo Renegade X 600R performed flawlessly, never missed a beat, never let us down, no surprises, no issues. It just plain worked. The ride quality was the very best of all our test sleds, with the possible exception of the 2021 MX Z X-RS that showed up at the end of the season with the new rMotion X rear suspension.

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2018 Arctic Cat ZR 200 : SnowTest
Story and Photos by Brad Harris – SnowTech Canada Model year 2018 brought a breath of fresh air into the industry in the form of a new youth sized sled intended to help bridge the gap between the existing 120 class sleds and full sized models. This came in... Read more
2018 ARCTIC CAT PANTERA 6000 – SnowTech Test Report
If I were to have gathered 100 snowmobilers in a room last fall to review the line-ups from each OEM to pick out the model they’d like to purchase, chances are the 2018 Pantera 6000 would not have been high on the radar for the group. Maybe a few... Read more
Patrick Custom Carbon Drive and Driven Clutch Mods
There are aftermarket parts and then there are super High-end aftermarket parts. Carbon Fiber generally falls into the second category so when we got the chance to try a set of highly modified, precision balanced Polaris Clutches with Carbon fiber goodies installed we did what any motor head would... Read more
No-Fog Face Mask
Readers of SnowTech Magazine should be familiar with the No-Fog facemasks that our test riders have been wearing for over 20 years; 28 years to be precise. While the exact set-up of balaclava and No-Fog mask is a very personal combination, suffice it to say that all of our... Read more
Here at SnowTech we are bombarded each year with box after box of new products for our staff to preview, review and analyze. So when a new bottle of something shows up, we are very skeptical, to say the least. Especially when it comes to additives, oils, anything in... Read more
Since Polaris has suspended the big-block 755 and 900 engines for this season, your choices to build a rockin’ 2007 Polaris mountain sled are based on the potent small-block motors; the 600 H.O. and the all-new Dragon. Problem is, the Dragon 700 was only offered in the spring and... Read more

Diamond Drive Service

SnowTest November 2, 2005 3
***After reading this article, be sure to read Diamond Drive Service CAUTION*** With an increasing number of Arctic Cats now fitted with the radically-different Diamond Drive gearbox, the number of questions and curiosity surrounding these units is increasing. First off, about the only service the units should require is... Read more
All of us own some sort of seasonal vehicle that has a battery. And, most of us have learned (the hard way) what happens when these lead-acid batteries sit unused for months on end; they’re dead when we go to start the vehicle and they don’t last very long.... Read more