Now you can look good and stay warm with the Comp 6 series of jackets, bibs and gloves from Arctiva. The durable waterproof chassis has strategically-placed retroreflective logos for maximum visibility. Multiple vents let moisture out, fleece lined pockets and collar keep you comfortable. 140 gram Polyfil insulation is... Read more
Turn the wasted space under the seat of the Polaris Pro-Ride chassis into useable storage. Weight that would be carried in a backpack can be centered and tucked out of the way & under the seat, with nothing to get caught on tree branches or collect extra snow. Two... Read more


HOT Products October 5, 2011 0
Back by popular demand, USI has revived their record-breaking SPX Skis. They’re seven inches wide and 42” long with an aggressive bottom. Great for flotation or just plain railing around corners, they’re available in Bright Red, Dark Blue, White, Black and orange. $222 per pair, plus mount kits and... Read more
The all new 2012 Mountain Tamer rear suspension will exceed your expectations in design quality, tune-ability and a smooth ride. The kit now offers an infinite coupling control adjuster knob that can be adjusted on the fly. This allows your sled to feel light on the skis for fun... Read more
Upgrade your exhaust valve technology from a membrane bellow-style actuator to a piston-style actuator. This uses fewer components and eliminates bellow failure, especially in big bore and turbo applications. The piston mechanism stays lubricated by the engine’s spent exhaust oil and is actuated by the exhaust pressure from the... Read more
You will not believe how many new graphics kits there are to choose from for your 2012 Arctic Cat Procross or Proclimb machine. Make your sled stand out and be different, custom and your own. Many patterns and colors to choose from, at least 94 different kits just for... Read more
Owners of Ski-Doos know how sweet it is to be able to adjust the shift RPM using their TRA clicker adjusters on the primary clutch. This varies the geometry of the cam arms and rollers so the loading effect of the engine is varied to better match the load ... Read more
Most of us who own and build high-powered snowmobiles know one of the weakest links in the entire drivetrain is the primary clutch, and its ability to transfer the power from the engine through the CVT belt-drive system. The basic primary clutch design used in today’s CVT drive system... Read more
If you’ve ever been faced with an engine quitting out on the trail or up on the mountain, there’s a good chance it was because of spark plug fouling. But new technology is making today’s snowmobile spark plugs more efficient, which reduces fouling, helps engines last longer, and keeps... Read more
The latest advances in snowmobile clothing take the comfort of the rider to even higher levels, thanks to “Comfort Mapping Technology”. This new method of designing and building outerwear comes from the combined efforts of Klim USA and W.L. Gore, makers of the famous GORE-TEX waterproof and breathable membranes.... Read more